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  1. another angle of our progress
  2. Some progress made on the koi kingyo sleeve/chest panel
  3. swick15

    Don't go easy

    Sometimes I don't ask too many questions and just roll with the clients ideas
  4. Got a good start on this caricature of clients chihuahua as a geisha
  5. Yokai gap filler
  6. Healed sakura 1/2 sleeve done about 5 years ago
  7. swick15


    My take on the Gypsy pin-up done with ink, watercolor & silk dyes
  8. swick15


    recent painting I have completed. Ink, watercolor & silk dyes
  9. I just joined the forum, have been professionally tattooing since 2002 and currently work in Green Bay, WI at Artrageous Ink. Just wanted to say a quick hello to all. I am the shop manager at Artrageous Ink in Green Bay, WI and we are currently seeking to fill a full time artist position. We are looking to add someone strong with black/grey & realism to fill a vacancy from an artist that recently moved. We have been in the same location from over 20 years. We are a mostly custom shop but have a heavy walk-in customer base as well. If you are interested please contact me through email at: Wicky15steve@yahoo.com Steve W.