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  1. I had to go back and look a few times. I swear I thought he was getting red inked in. I agree with Hogrider, doctor ASAP. Definitely not something a forum needs to diagnose.
  2. I have no idea. Everything and everyone heals different.
  3. Just looks a little dry to me, at this point. Looks much better than it did. I would think at this point you could put a LIGHT coat of lotion, maybe even just in that one spot. It just needs time to heal.
  4. Also, I normally tegaderm, but it just won't work for this one. I tried using hustle butter, but doesn't seem to do as well as curell or Aveeno. It's day 3, soni just moved on to avenno, guess it's fine.
  5. My chest tattoo is healing well. But there are sections where he went in black them came over with red. It's already raised, swollen, and scabby after three days. I'm assuming this is just was. A little more overworked than any infection.
  6. Latest one. I don't care what anyone says. Chest hurts. My other arm is tattooed from shoulder to finger tip, but wow this just hurt.
  7. Would this tattoo hold up well over time? Same chest location.
  8. A little over 6 months. There was a section next to that one (same elbow tattoo) that raised up and went away. But I was in some store where I think a scent caused a lot of my arm to go red then bumps popped up in that new location. The next day the lines were raised and itched. It's been getting better and almost no itching now. So it's probably just an allergic thing. But yeah, that was my issue just seemed drastic to slice up my tattoo for something that offers almost no benefit.
  9. I don't doubt she's good, but the biopsy is pretty drastic: cutting into my tattoo, probably should give it more time than 3 weeks, she's doing the biopsy to see if it's an allergic reaction. So, I'm sure the answer will just be laser it off.
  10. Added this panther about three weeks ago, picture came out a little blurry.
  11. Thanks. Just mostly stuff I liked and decided to get. It's not exactly flowing like some I see, but I like it.
  12. These bumps and raised lines came out of nowhere. The itching goes from insane to not really feeling it at all. I've been to the dermatologist, she prescribed a steriod cream cream. Antihistamines don't seem to effect it either. I know my elbow was in the dirt about four weeks ago and I'm assuming that's what got this kicked off. I could be wrong, but I doubt it's an allergy to the ink. I have the entire arm done and this is the only issue I've had. Any ideas l or just a wait and see thing. The doctor wanted to do a biopsy to it if it doesn't settle, but I'm really against it an
  13. Finished the entire arm, took a little under a year and a half. One last touch-up on everything to clean it up. Unfortunately, my artist is moving 5 hours away in July. Feel free to leave any comments or criticism.
  14. I guess I could just find smaller fillers and no background
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