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    Advice needed please..please shed some light on this for me

    Thankyou little fox for your reply ..i have suggested this to her and after 2 different people have let her down its trying to reassure her there are artist out there who take pride in what they produce..white on black is getting more popular and I think it looks amazing..thankyou again [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi I haven't used this before but just needed some advice on behalf of my girlfriend. She went to a professional Tattooist in our local area which she has used before and been very happy. On this occasion the out come was something of pure shock and disappointment. The are in red marker was marked out by the artist and was meant to be shaded off the existing tattoo on the wrist up into soke roses he had done in the same session. 5 hours later and she was all done feeling the effects of a pretty long session under the needle as we all have done. When she first saw me she broke down in tears at the darkness and the way it is almost like a solid block. I reassured her it wouldn't be as bad as she thought and to let it heal. Basically can anyone comment as to what they think of the finished healed tattoo as I am deeply shocked and she is heartbroken and looking at a 3k bill to laser the area clear with picosure. Any comments or above would be most welcome of any nature..and I am in no way disrespecting any artist or the artist himself. He has apologised and offered to make it even blacker or refund for that area. Even said sorry. Please help as she is heartbroken Thanks LST Nick Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk