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  1. Hi. I've just taken off my dermalize pro after 4 days, and my skin has started peeling. My tattoo artist said that I should use bepanthen for the next few days. However, should I be using another type of moisturiser, instead of this healing ointment? Also, do I have to shower, clean, pat dry the back piece 3 tines a day before moisturising? Or would it be fine to just moisturise without showering?
  2. Has anyone else had issues with their skin forming red skin at the edges of where their derm product laid when stuck onto the skin? I just took off my dermalize pro, and I can dark red skin around the edges... I think it was where the skin was being tugged, since the shape of my back constantly enlarges and shrinks as I move. I also think it's this, because the internal areas (tattood areas, as well as the bare skin around the line work) isn't red. Anyone come across this?
  3. Hey guys. After taking my dermalize pro off, would you recommend I use aquaphor or bepanthem?
  4. I'm on Day 3 of using Dermalize Pro to heal my full back tattoo. Jesus christ, the itchiness is unbelievable. Woke me up at 4am. Feel like bugs constantly skittering across my back. F***.
  5. Hey guys. I just started my first tattoo yesterday. I'm using Dermalize Pro which is similar to second skin/saniderm. It's a full back piece, so only the linework/stencil has been done so far. After the session, it was wrapped in cling film. After 3 hours, I took the cling film off, and washed it with tepid water and mild soap. I then pat dry with a kitchen towel. Then I applied the dermalize pro onto the tattoo area. It's 18 hours since then. I've seen no oozing of excess ink or pus... Is this normal? I thought the body was meant to push the bad stuff out?
  6. Hey guys, can anyone tell me how long your stencil for your full back tattoo took? Will this be done during the 1st session or prepared beforehand by the artist? Will I just sit around while he makes the stencil on paper? Or will he just do it directly onto my skin? If he prepares the stencil on paper beforehand ready to stick onto my skin, it it customary for me to pay him for this time? Or will I only pay him for the actual tattooing time? Will the artist make a stencil each time I go to get tattood? Or will he make the stencil, stick it onto my skin, and outline it, thereby leaving me with the outline of the full back tattoo? I'm such a noob!
  7. Hey! It is indeed my first tattoo. :D 'Go big or go home' is my life motto. Okay, I'll probably not use coconut oil, at least not in the initial healing phase. I might use it later on, once the skin starts getting really dry - coconut oil is an anti-bacterial moisturizer, so I really can't see it doing much harm at that point. As for what I'll apply to begin with, it'll be Bepanthen, 2/3 times a day following a warm shower. See, mindset behind re-wrapping the tattoo at night is that I will most probably roll onto my back as I sleep. My back will then be itchy. I will most probably scratch my back on the bed, which might damage the tattoo. However, if I have it wrapped/covered directly after drying and applying Bepanthen, it should be fine, yes?
  8. I know, I was thinking that as I was writing it - but I love oxymorons, so went ahead with it anyway. Besides, in theory it wouldn't be difficult - there are many beautiful lizards out there. And as I've provided reference pictures to him as to the type of dragon I prefer (snake-like, oriental-style) it shouldn't be hugely difficult... The most difficult part will be achieving realism out of it. Then again, my reference pictures are all in realistic style.
  9. Well I certainly want a high level of detail - basically, I want a realistic mythological creature, so the detail needs to be there... Do you have any artists in mind who might be who I'm looking for? I don't mind travelling, but I live in the UK.
  10. Well my mindset is that if I don't wrap it, I might unconsciously use the bed sheet to scratch the injured area... It'd also allow dust to irritate the site too. Surely if I apply anti bacterial ointment, along with coconut oil (which in itself has the perfect vitamins and proteins for skin repair, along with natural antibacterial properties) it'd be fine wrapped up for around 8 hours?
  11. Hi. In preparation for my full back tattoo, I've been researching aftercare methods. Please review the aftercare method I will be using: Day 1 - I'll be finishing the session at around 5pm, getting home at 5.30pm. I'll leave the wrap/bandage on all night. If it's a bandage, I'll wrap it in cling film. I'll try to sleep on my side as much as I can - will sleeping on the tattoo really harm it that much?! Day 2 - 8am. Remove the wrap and bandage. Gently wash it with warm water until the bandage falls off. Use a lather from Dove Bar Soap and gently wash the crap off my tattoo and skin. Pat dry gently to remove excess ink, then let it air dry. Then apply a thin layer of Bepanthen, then a thin layer of coconut oil. Do not cover at this point. 3pm - repeat. Shower, soap, rinse, dry, bepanthen, coconut oil. 9pm - repeat. After the coconut oil, wrap it in cling film and seal with tape. This is to not let it touch the bed when sleeping. Repeat Day 2 until skin starts to flake. From then on, only shower twice a day (morning and night). No need to use Bepanthen. Continue to use dove bar soap and coconut oil. No need to wrap before going to bed. Any flaws in the above method? Should i continue to use Bepanthen after the skin starts to flake? I'll be discussing this with my tattoo artist, but I wanted different takes on it. Thanks!
  12. Well I plan to apply a thin layer of some unscented antibacterial cream, covering that with some clean kitchen towel (to soak up the ink, blood and plasma), then wrapping myself in cling film. Then the next morning, remove the cling film and jump into the shower, completely wet the kitchen towel and gently remove it and clean the wound as normal with some sort of non fragrant soap. Good plan? I don't even have the design back yet! XD
  13. I was worried about this. I find it almost impossible to sleep on my side or belly - I always find I roll onto my back... Do you think it'll seriously damage the tattoo?
  14. Hey. This is probably a silly question, but during the healing process of a full back tattoo (mainly talking a few days fresh) is it okay to sleep on your back, or do you try to sleep on your side in order to not compress the tattoo and allow stuff yo flow out?
  15. Hi. :) I was just wondering what you all thought of this tattoo artist (Dragos). I'm looking to get him to do my full back tattoo in black and grey realism - it'll (hopefully) be a highly detailed realistic tattoo of a dragon facing a ronin/samurai. Do you think Dragos is up for the job? I know it's premature to say (I've had my consultation with him and played £40 for his custom design) having not seen his design yet. But what do you guys think of his work and talent? Feels like I'm bitching about him behind his back... He's a really nice guy. I really like his art, tbh, but I can't see anything as big and detailed as I want... But he has done very realistic and detailed art, as shown in his portfolio. It'd be fine, right? Surely he'd be up for the task? Worrier here.
  16. Do you know how big or where you might want it?
  17. Evasion? So a way to escape reality?
  18. Interesting, and very vague! Do you mean art, such as general creativity? What do you think of when someone says 'Art'? Is there any kind of art which has specifically influenced your life, or that you love? When someone says 'art' to me, I think of pianos and multi-coloured musical notes. I love piano. Are there any artists around your area who you like the style of? I'm not sure how much they can do with a vague idea, but if you find someone whose style you like, you could discuss it with them and have their take on it?
  19. Hi. I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with tattoos. I've just come across the topic of tattoo stealing from this lovely lady. How would you feel if someone someone copied your custom made tattoo? I'm looking to get a custom made tattoo (full back tattoo) over the new year or so. I'm not sure how I'd feel if someone saw a picture of my tattoo online and copied it for their own... The tattoo does mean a lot to me, and it has been something I've thought of for over a decade now. Okay, I'd probably be a bit angry. How would you feel? Would it mean much to you? Just let it slide, or spit venom? Just out of curiosity.
  20. I'll definitely try! Due to my work schedule, I have to wait 2 months between sessions, so if I don't go for consecutive days, I'm looking at finishing the piece in around 2 years - will you still be here? XD
  21. Thanks for taking the time to reply! I suppose I'm just being paranoid and childish with regard to suspecting an artist of prolonging the project - you are right, I'll be an advertisement for him, both visually and through what I say about him. I suppose I need to be less of a tit. :P Yes, it wouldn't be at all smart for me to go through a new kind of pain for hours on end for consecutive days... The reason I think I would be able to do it is because I have an unnervingly high pain threshold, and can quickly get use to monotonous pain. I have a long history with pain, physical and mental, and have an unnervingly high resilience to it - I actually think something in me in broken, but that's for another forum to deal with... or a psychiatrist. But I suppose no self-respecting tattoo artist would even entertain the idea of consecutive tattoo days for a newbie. So you don't think 60 hours for a full back tattoo is a bit much? Thanks for the info though! If there's anything else you think I should know, please say.
  22. Yea, I know it's a lot of hours, but Dragos (the artist) is amazing with his black and grey realism art - and realism with high amounts of detail is exactly what I need! Look at his work! I could go to another artist...but then I'd feel conflicted. Shouldn't have be okay with spending that extra 20 hours/£1.5k in order to get a piece of art I'll never regret? I don't know...... What I do know is that these 2 months till I get his design is going to be mental hell for me. XD Fair enough. I've popped the question to my artist already - I'm sure he'll be along the same lines as you. I guess I'm just being impatient. :P
  23. Thanks for the reply! I might just end up doing that - getting a smaller tattoo from him first. I've always wanted a mockingbird tattoo (I love to read - 'To Kill a Mockingbird' really influenced me when I was a kid). He said a session would be 6 hours long (basically a whole days). He said it could be 6 sessions, or 8 sessions, or 10, or even more. You can see where I'm a little confused. He has given me a range of £2400 -£4000+ I just don't know what I should be expecting... I'm so happy to hear about the healing time. Thanks for that!! Oh, by the way, do you know if it's possible to do consecutive tattoo days for a full back piece? I have a ridiculously high pain threshold, so I wouldn't mind this - but is it a possibility? I'm reading the full back tattoo thread, and some guy got a ROA tattoo done in 4 consecutive days... Recommended?
  24. Hi everyone! My full back piece tattoo adventure has just begun! I met with a tattoo artist last night. I'm looking to get a tattoo which symbolises calm and resilience in the face of great danger - I also love Japanese mythology, so it's going to be a Ronin/Samurai facing off against a dragon from oriental physiology (serpentine look, rather than winged godzilla). It'll be in black and grey realism - I'm super excited! I paid £40 (I live in the UK, Scotland) to have the custom design made. I'll post it on here if I remember (the artist said it'll take 2 months). I actually have a lot of questions in a thread on made on the initiation page, if anyone wants to hold a newbies hand through all of this :p The thread is here. I'm gonna have fun reading through this thread now - I'm happy I found it. :D
  25. Hi. :) I'm new to this site, and new to the whole tattoo world, so please bear with my ignorance! I'm looking to get my first tattoo, and I want it to be a full back tattoo. It's going to be black and grey realism, with a lot of detail. I've looked around the parlours in my city (I live in the UK, Scotland) and I've found an artist whose work I love, and who seems really keen on the idea. I had my meeting with him yesterday, and paid him £40 for a custom design, which he says will take 2 months to complete (because of his busy schedule). So I have a bunch of questions, and was hoping you guys might be able to help me out! 1) The artist charged me £40 in order to complete a custom artwork design he says will take 2 months (since he's quite busy). Is this usual? I mean the £40 for a custom design.2) Is £400 for a 6 hour day session a good price? It comes to around £66 per hour - is this the usual price? 3) The artist didn't actually quote me how much the whole piece would cost... he said it could be 6 sessions, or 8, or 10 or even more... Now this could be a difference of about £2k. Should I definitely get a quote, or estimated duration from the artist before any work starts? Is it possible for artists to say with some level of certainty how long a full back tattoo will take to tattoo once the design can been agreed? This leads on to my next question. 4) I'm very paranoid. I hope this isn't going to be the case, but what do I do if I feel like the tattoo artist is taking an excessively long time to complete the work, in order to prolong the sessions and gain more money? I can't rush him, but he could easily turn 6 sessions into 12 sessions if he wanted to...5) What do you do during the tattoo? 6 hours is quite a long time. Are there usually breaks every couple of hours or what? My pain threshold is ridiculously high, so I'm not too bothered about the pain (I actually think I have something wrong with my nerve endings...)6) What is the etiquette about tipping the artist? How much do I tip? Do I tip after each session, or after the work is complete?7) Any tips about the aftercare? I'm going to have my partner help me out with it. 8) Is 18 days enough to heal from a tattoo? I work as a Fire Fighter, so I wear tight clothing (tight t-shirt) which obviously rubs on my back while I'm carrying out my duties. I'll be getting tattoo'd the first day I'm off on leave, which will give me about 18 days before the start of my next work shift. Will this be enough time to heal? Or at least get to the stage where I can wear a tight t-shirt and work out my back without me turning into an inky version of Carrie? 9) My tattoo artist said that he prefers to tattoo from the bottom up - literally from the bottom starting, then ending at the top near my neck. Is this really unusual? I thought all artists did major parts of the design, then sort of fitted them together? If that doesn't sound...stupid.