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    Ciel reacted to Matej Haviar in Full Back Piece Experience Thread   
    Session number seven rolled around this Saturday. @bongsau You were definitely right, "in for a whooping" to say the least. Only made it through 2 and a half hours, but still managed to tear up an insane amount of skin. It's sessions like this that definitely teach you about your body and ability to tolerate pain. Felt pretty discouraged immediately after the session, but I'm still stoked on the level of progress. Can't wait to see the patterning brighten up as the blue settles over top. 28.5 hours here.

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    Ciel got a reaction from scottyg in Full Back Piece Experience Thread   
    Hi everyone! My full back piece tattoo adventure has just begun!
    I met with a tattoo artist last night. I'm looking to get a tattoo which symbolises calm and resilience in the face of great danger - I also love Japanese mythology, so it's going to be a Ronin/Samurai facing off against a dragon from oriental physiology (serpentine look, rather than winged godzilla). It'll be in black and grey realism - I'm super excited!
    I paid £40 (I live in the UK, Scotland) to have the custom design made. I'll post it on here if I remember (the artist said it'll take 2 months).
    I actually have a lot of questions in a thread on made on the initiation page, if anyone wants to hold a newbies hand through all of this :p The thread is here.
    I'm gonna have fun reading through this thread now - I'm happy I found it. :D
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    Ciel reacted to tattooedj in Full Back Piece Experience Thread   
    Yesterday, I started my full back piece with Rei from Inkrat, Tokyo.
    Three-and-a-half hours of lining was pretty prickly in places - but some good blues music, a howling spring wind outside and the stoke got me through it unscathed. And there's something mindboggling about a Japanese tattooer doing an American old school interpretation of how a Japanese tattoo should look.
    Colours are coming in a few weeks and I'll update then, j