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  1. Hi everyone I live in Hongkong i hope find out tattoo artist can coverup my old tattoo i need Full torso Tibetan black work tattoo I need tattoo the Meditation of men (without the towel and use a normal person head with skin hair to Cite the first photo of the body to design a meditation man which is the picture I have sent to you) so on my belly.Next,I want to use the second picture to cover up my old tattoo on my breast part.Also,I want to add some "land,water ,wind and fire" elements for decoration on my whole tattoo which you can cho
  2. Hey men How can not love you😘 I am now check out your all artist thank so much
  3. Oh thank you i ve Check out Alex Binnie I think he going the travel
  4. Hi everyone I am finding a good blackwork style tattooist in UK for tattooing "Full torso Tibetan black work"style tattoo,so I want to know there are how many tattooist in UK can meet my above requirement. If so,please give me his or her name.Thank you so much. Marco
  5. This tattoo style is lovely but this black work can cover I hope can know who artist can do
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