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  1. What do you all think about this artist? He seems versatile. I just happened upon him during a google search and it turns out he's here in NH which is a plus!
  2. Yeah I wasn't quite sure how to describe it! I know it's not "classic" neo-traditional.
  3. Love his style! Very nice, thank you!
  4. Thanks! I really like his work. Definitely a contender!
  5. Thank you! I guess I'm just having a hard time searching for artists out of the hundreds of website/portfolios that are out there! Kings Avenue has some really nice artists. I want to get a half sleeve of my dogs. I really like the more realistic/modern style neo traditional with the naturey themes.
  6. Thank you for the recommendation! Great artist!
  7. Hello, I'm in New Hampshire and I'm looking for recommendations of artists in the New England area for neo-traditional style tattoos. I'm obsessed with Tom Bartley, but haven't been able to find any artists even remotely close to me that have comparable quality and style. I'm feeling discouraged!