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  1. New to LST

    thank you ! unfortunately i wont be sticking around much longer. the community here is gross. I've met plenty of people in the real world who are just as if not more beneficial to the craft than some of those on here. I wish you the best in your tattooing endeavors!!! <3
  2. New to LST

    Oh @oboogie *she for starters, and no I am not self taught. i no longer associate with the shop i apprenticed at due to issues with the other artist in the shop . and no i will not be putting my work info online. why bring up the other post? literally all i said was maybe you shouldnt be such a pretentious prick to people. I mean I'm always aiming to improve no matter how good i think i get. I really hope that you havent gone your whole career (which seems pretty established) without asking anyone for help or advice or googling anything. but if you have then please tell me your godly secrets because id love to know. After someone kindly showed me the rules and regs of the site, I can understand that this isnt a welcome place for scratchers or people who arent established tattoo artists and thats not hard to respect. what i cant respect is being unreasonable to people who are trying to learn, instead of telling them to F*** off its just as easy to point them in a better direction. but i suppose its a matter of preference. personally, ill go ahead and help those who need it. just not on here :)
  3. Hello everyone

    so how is one supposed to get better if they never ask questions or seek the advice of those who might actually be a little more advanced than himself? When I was learning how to tattoo, plenty of people were rude every time I sought help. There are kind tattoo artists out there. If you truly want to keep the craft alive, the community should be a little more welcoming.
  4. which one should i go for

    The dry brush strokes are interesting. and a little easier on the eyes than the gradient scale. I suppose it is a matter of what you like and plan to do in the future :)
  5. New to LST

    Hello! I'm Sean. I found this forum while doing a little research on new inks. I learned to tattoo using a machine and after going through a few machines and some serious hand pain I took up the traditional method of hand poking my work! (using proper equipment of course) I have nothing against machines at all, hand poking feels a bit more natural. I also like that it hurts a bit less and heals way faster.I will post photos of my work soon. I'm looking forward to learning many new things from the people on this forum. The artwork I've seen so far has all been excellent. I hope you all have a wonderful day <3