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  1. Thank you! It makes me happy every time i see it. Here are pics at about 2.5 months healed. Honestly doesn't look that different than day 1.
  2. He's a beast! Wonderful to work with. I wear it with pride
  3. Thanks ? a few nights sleep and some time for family bullshit to blow over and I'm seeing that I was being silly...funny how we can transfer feelings about one thing to another. I do love it, just not used to being so freewheeling with my tattoos but I think it's good for me!
  4. Some blackwork roses in a shoulder cap by Jacob Kearney at Metamorph in Chicago :)
  5. And also...I really like the style of your tattoo! I hope it grows on you. Love the cherry blossoms.
  6. This makes me feel a little less alone. I really like my new tattoo (posted it here) but it was my first time letting a tattooer freehand it, which I wasn't expecting, and its size is kinda tripping me out. He did let me check it out beforehand, but it was hard for me to visualize how it would translate...and for all my other tattoos with stencils, I've never changed anything, just let the tattooers do their thing. My thinking is that it'll turn out better when they are given creative license, and I'm not an artist so I'm probably not going to have better ideas than they will. It's everything
  7. My first freehand tattoo - a big ol freaky blackwork peony by Dani Liberal, guesting at speakeasy Chicago. I basically let him do whatever and I love it but am a little freaked by how big it is, haha.
  8. Mine was six months ago, at 28. I got the fever as last summer started in Chicago, when you start to see visible skin after many months of hibernation in coats, and I was really jealous of everyone's tattoos. I would creepily stare at people's ink in public (smooth). It occurred to me that I could just get some myself. I got a hibiscus with a little shamrock next to it. I'm half Puerto Rican, half Irish. I felt like I needed to do something "meaningful" for my first, which I now regard as a little silly but I do love it. The tattooer did a great job and hibiscus is my favorite flower. Wish thi
  9. dotcommie


    Yes we have an embarrassment of riches here! Still a long list of people I'd like to get work from.
  10. dotcommie


    Thanks! I'm a grown up army brat :) whose father is not thrilled with my work (I think he associates tattoos with enlisted men, spring breakers, and prisoners, not his little girl) but hey, I'm 29 and confident in my choices! And even he admits they're well done
  11. dotcommie


    Hi there - I live in Chicago and have a mere three tattoos. I've gotten them all in the past six months; once I decided to start, I got the bug! Just posted my most recent one in the latest tattoo lowdown. My other two are below. The bird, my 2nd, is by DJ Pearson at Awaken Tattoo in Chicago (fresh pic); the hibiscus/clover is by Ashley Wollaston at Speakeasy in Chicago (one month healed pic). I'm pretty committed to black and black-and-grey pieces; no color on this skin!
  12. Howdy. First post here! Just got a blackwork floral shoulder cap yesterday that I'm thrilled with (my third tattoo). It's flowers from my wedding bouquet (dahlia, roses, calla lilies, succulent, ginkgo leaves, and more), done with dotwork and whip shading (which I'm obsessed with rn). Done by Jacob Kearney at Metamorph Tattoo in Chicago, in about four hours. He was a total pro and I'm in love with this piece!
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