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  1. What’s wrong with my tattoo?

    Hmm, looks like an allergic reaction or infektion to me but if your doc says otherwise... You wrote it is about 2 month since you got that tattoo? Where did you get it? Was it done in a regular studio? Somehow it doesn't look professional to me. Very small, bad placement, no proper lining. Looks like it was done by an unexperienced inker, probably a friend or even by your own?
  2. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @GraceAnnne I don't think pain medication is necessary to get your back done. Yeah, there are some pretty rough areas but with your mind in the right place you'll get through it. As always, just try to get to your appointments as relaxed and healthy as possible, get a good meal before, try to focus and accept that the pain is part of the process. Yes, it probably will hurt more or less on some areas, but as soon as the needle stops the pain will be gone and you'll for sure will survive it. And I personaly never used any stuff like tagaderm and so far my back healed fine. Well actually black still heals a lot faster than the green, especialy than the light green on my back. But if it helped with your other tattoo it probably will help with your back too. Luckily I usually sleep on my front, but from time to time I turn over on my back too. Never has been a big problem. Feels uncomfortable at most to roll on the freshly worked on back. That's when I usualy wake up... The worst that happened when sleeping on my back for some time was that my shirt stuck to my back. But well, not much of a big deal to get into the shower with the shirt. And that's only a problem for maybe 2 or 3 nights, after that this shouldn't be a problem anymore. And for the bra topic, well, can't give you much of advice on that part... @Stephanie Nice tiger so far
  3. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    5 weeks since my last update, 2 appointments in between. On the first session early september we startet coloring the scales, last session was done sunday on the International London Tattoo Convention. Great experience to get tattooed at such an awesome event!
  4. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Wow, 7h mainly outlining on the back and it was a breeze? Hell, everything especially on the lower back was so' intense. Tailbone, kidneys, pure agony! And for me butt cheek was kinda relaxing after getting lower back worked on. There's no more to say about individual pain perception... And the itching... Well, the pain goes away as soon as the needle stops working. The itching stays for days!
  5. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Valrie11 Very nice! And the tattoo too Seriously, nice work. Who's doing that piece? 7h in a row, that's pretty tough Are there 2 older tattoos on your back that get covered in the process?
  6. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Had my 4th session last saturday. Another 2,5h on the clock. Mainly added the scales, some minor details and a few shadings. Next appointment will be in 2 weeks.
  7. What do you think about this tattoo ?

    The Reaper seams solid, nothing fancy but ok. The upper one, don't know... Somehow looks streched, the face of the girl, the demon. Think that could have been done a lot better, don't like it very much, sorry. And placement of both tattoos isn't good in my opinion, but this could probably be fixed by connecting them somehow...
  8. Most painful spot to get tattooed

    The whole lower back is so f...n' nasty. But especially the tailbone... and the area below the rib cage right above the kidneys... Got some shadings done above the crack 2 days ago. Just after that a few linings on my butt check down to my thight somehow felt kinda relaxing in comparison
  9. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Had my 3rd session yesterday. Turns out 2,5h/session is what I can bear until I tap out. So overall 7,5h so far. We did some linings on the lower back, over my butt down to the left thigh and some shading in the lower back area. I'm stocked with the progress so far, wouldn't have expected so much ink on my back in that short time. Hell, but the pain was so intense, especially around the kidneys and tailbone. Holy crap, that hurt! And I'm pretty aware that there is still a lot of work in those nasty areas. Scales, probably some shadings, colors... Hopefully next session we'll just add details to the tail and maybe start the Koi on the right thight/butt cheek...
  10. Nice and unique. My guess would be around 12h?
  11. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Think it's time to show you a pic of my back too. Had my second session yesterday, overall around 5h under the needle so far and still many more ahead... When it's done, it will be a full back dragon which goes down over my butt to my right thigh. The left thigh / butt cheek will include a koi swimming upwards. Planning to go for half or 3/4 sleeves and expand to the chest later too. Tattoo is done by Thomas Schehr @ Koerperkunst-Tattoo, Karlsruhe, Germany. Here is a pic he posted on his IG yesterday after the session:
  12. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    That looks awesome! Starting to get jealous about all your backpiece progress... I'm still 3h into mine since my last appointment at end of april got canceled on a short term because my artist broke his finger... But just another 2 weeks to wait until my next appointment and I'll then have another one 1,5 weeks later. So hopefully there will be some progress for me too in july...
  13. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    That's impressive. I just hope my back will be nearly as much covered in ink once I hit the 12 hour mark...
  14. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Awesome progress! Only 2 1/2 month between last pic and this? Holy crap... How many hours so far for the backpiece?
  15. Damn, suck it... I'm new to this forum and just started my dragon backpiece last friday. So far upper back has outlines and some shadings. Working downwards in the next weeks/months and still some inches away from my butt. But hell, I'm so afraid of when we'll reach butt and thighs. Right now after my first session I don't really understand what I was thinking when I decided to get a backpiece that reaches down over my ass to my thighs. I mean, obviously there are some very delicate spots to get ink into in this area. Either way, as I commited to this project, guess now I'll have to go though with it. Yeah, it will look great when it's done but you realize, we didn't even get to see those pieces with our own eyes ever, right? Good to know that there are some other silly people out there doing such crazy shit.