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  1. Thank you for taking the time to look at his work, its the reason I contacted him as I thought he has experience with this sort of style, as for the blurring, im having it here- So I'm hoping the size will spread the lines out a bit, but I guess im leaving it in his hands as its his proffesion not mine and hoping he does a good job!
  2. Thanks again all who took the time to respond! Update - Sent the drawings to an artist I found who is experienced and has work I like Opinions welcomed I told him what I liked about the image and the size/placement and he told me he liked the image as it was and didn't want to change it, and said the placement was good. But you guys have got me thinking it needs to be changed so now I'm confused haha Originally I liked it and still do, so I'm thinking about just going for it, I don't want to constantly second guess myself and just end up with nothing, I think whatever image I end up with it will go on me with a F*** it attitude just to give me the balls to go for it!
  3. Firstly, sorry for your loss, a remembrance tattoo is nice. I do think however that if you are already worried about its impact on future relationships then perhaps having it in such a prominent place is not a great idea I think it could cause you a few issues in the future. Also, the design is indeed feminine, in my head you will run into a lot of scenarios where you will have to defend it, which might be quite painful to keep bringing up for you. just my thoughts, whatever you do I'm sure it will be great.
  4. I have not chosen an artist so your recommendations are welcomed! I will look into their work as soon as I have time.
  5. OK thanks man, as long as i'm not laughed out the shop for taking in something so stupid i'll be happy haha
  6. Haha thanks man, I wish i could doodle like that though :D I get what you're saying, which is why I'm open to changes, I like the angle of it, the aggressiveness of the head, the chaos in the lines making up a shape but its not everyone's cup of tea. I'm just not a fan of the traditional style panther tattoo's, I appreciate they can look awesome on others but its not right for me. Any thoughts on changes? Perhaps less lines and some shading? I'm really not an artist so im open to ideas
  7. Good Morning Everyone! Now I can't imagine the following design is going to be super popular on here, but you all have a lot of knowledge and experience, so I'm hoping I can tap into that a little bit! OK, so I've wanted a tattoo for a very long time and now I'm finally in a position where I can make it happen. I stumbled across the following image online and loved it immediately, I like the chaotic design, the fact it's a panther holds meaning to me and Its not something I've personally come across before. But this rings alarm bells to me, is there an obvious reason I'm missing that this sort of image/style is not more popular? Will it all bleed together into a big mess or the image just wont work on skin? The first image is the original I found, and the second is just one I chucked a filter over and turned the clarity up, I was thinking over time perhaps if i got a tattoo closer to the second picture I could expect it to spread and end up looking more like the first picture, so i'll never be unhappy with it. Opinions on this would be appreciated. Anyway here you go, go easy on me please!
  8. That is not a mistake I intend to make. This is not my trade, if I tell someone a piece of industrial equipment is broken or unsafe, I expect them to suck it up and piss off (I'm an engineer). If an artist tells me it cant be done or it will look terrible in a few years, then I'm going to listen and behave accordingly. At the moment I'm in Ukraine, but I'm somewhat of a Nomad at the moment, I guess the pro is I'm willing to travel countries to find an artist if I need to. But the con is I've learned on here that I cant really get judged by an artist just by email and I'm never anywhere for very long. I think I'll make a thread about it tomorrow with some pictures, it always paints a better picture!
  9. This Is what I want to hear, as a tattoo I want is effectively a lot of lines together to make up an image, I want to allow for ink spread so if and when it spreads it continues to look good if not better than new, but I will expand on this with a thread when I have a bit more knowledge under my belt as I've never seen it done before, and I'd like more opinions on whether it's even possible.
  10. That, was an extremely long but interesting read, I'll definitely be picking some of this up before I head to the studio! Thanks for the experience and insightful posts, even if it did get a little derailed at times haha
  11. Thanks man!
  12. That video is absolute gold haha But on a more serious note this thread had some very useful points, what I take away from this is Unless its full of black lines to contain colour a tattoo is going to wash out, there are exceptions to this rule but evidence of aged examples seem to be relatively thin on the ground. If you get a reputable artist to do the hard work for you regarding the drawing, and they tattoo you with a good technique (although I'm still trying to work out what constitutes a good technique) you SHOULD get a good tattoo that will last for years but the aftercare during healing and sun exposure are all up to you to maintain it. Everything else is subjective to personal opinion on what looks good, regarding placement, or the image itself. A good tattoo can be appreciated by anyone, even if it looks crap on its human canvas because of placement, or the fact its a picture of a fixed speed race bike with no F***ing brakes. The question what is a good tattoo FOR YOU is something no-one here can answer. Please note these are simply observations/conclusions I have come to after reading alot on this site, rather that years of experience in the field, so go easy on me ;)
  13. The human race is doomed
  14. Haha yeah, I don't know how to break it to her because I don't want her to do it. Her works comes out looking good but I don't trust it will look good in the long run as she has never had formal training. Also I have a drawing I want as tattoo but I don't know if it will work as a tattoo and need to talk to a time served artist. Im going to ask you guys about it as well but didn't want to join the site and start asking noob questions straight away, I'm learning alot, and then I can ask questions that have value.
  15. It's looking mega mate! Keep the pictures coming after next session! :D