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  1. The Nax

    Hey Guys!

    Hey guys thanks for the replies, appreciate it, I'll keep you updated. I will probably put some roses around it and make it into a half sleeve.
  2. The Nax

    Hey Guys!

    So hey guys, I can't create another topic so I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you about the problem I'm dealing with. I uploaded in my gallery a photo of a tattoo I have which I love by the way but because of it I cannot really get a job (before you say anything I had my own shop together with my friends but we couldn't afford to keep it open, sadly). One option is to remove it but I don't feel like doing so. So I'm here searching for some advice on how to cover it up (entirely) if it is possible. Thanks in Advance ,Nax
  3. The Nax


    One of my tattoos and the reason I'm here
  4. The Nax

    Hey Guys!

    Hey guys, name's Nax. I got a couple of tattoos and I signed up in this forum because I'm seeking advice on an issue I'm dealing with. Thanks for your time.
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