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  1. Definitely the job is an issue. I work in IT for a community bank. I hope I am not here forever, but there are a lot of factors that play in to it. I've been here 10 years, and sadly do not see a change on the horizon any time soon. I figured that would be the general consensus.. I guess I just wanted to ask in case someone had a magical answer! ;)
  2. So, here is my dilemma. I would love to get a tattoo somewhere like a forearm, but I am not in a position at a job that would allow me to have a visible tattoo. When the healing would be over, I could easily cover it with makeup or wear long sleeves if need be. (I do live in the Southern US though, so long sleeves year round would not be fun, however it would be doable if that is my only option.) Is there any trick to hiding a visible tattoo while it heals (without covering it with a bandage obviously) or am I S.O.L. and should just pass on the idea of ink in a more visible place?
  3. Honestly, I'd get the advice of a doctor and your artist. I have developed hives from various things recently and at first thought that might be what you were having. But if they've been there 3 weeks, then I wouldn't expect that to be what you are dealing with.
  4. @Gingerninja - I agree! That is some killer work, @UNCOUTHYOUTH!
  5. I told my mom I was getting one. It was a memorial piece for my dad so obviously I only had one parent to tell. She gave me the whole "I don't agree; your father wouldn't have agreed" etc. But, we went down to Macon where I got the tattoo and she actually came into the shop with me. She didn't stay, and of course tried to talk me out of it one last time. Then said "Just tell me this is the only one." I told her I couldn't promise that. Overall though, she's relaxed about it now. I don't think she'll be happy when I get more, but whatever. I'm 33.
  6. Based on what I have read, tattoos will look a bit "cloudy" a few weeks into healing. That is the last layer of dead skin waiting to fall off. Under that, your body is growing new skin over the ink. It should clear up soon. I just hit 3 weeks with my first tattoo and it is at the "scaley" stage where it looks a bit crap.
  7. The shop I went to for my first tattoo had a smell. Not bad, but obvious. I realized after a little while there were several artists in there who vape and it was due to competing scents of vape flavors. I almost began to play a game in my head of "can I pick out which flavors they are using?"
  8. Very good points, everyone. I may just take elements of the add-on and create a different tattoo later. If I can ever lose the weight I want and maybe get my arms in any decent kind of shape, I would like to do some work around there. Sadly I can't get a partial sleeve like I want.. But anyway, thank you for the advice!!
  9. I just got my first tattoo done 3 weeks ago. It's a memorial tattoo for my dad who passed back in August. It was done by Ashlie Layne at Cherry Street Ink in Macon, GA (@ashlietattoos on instagram). I am very happy with the shop, and love Ashlie. Her style is awesome - killer script work and detail. That's why I chose her - the zipper is a huge focal point for the tattoo and very important, and it is highly detailed, so I definitely wanted it to be done right. This is it freshly finished: And this is the idea I have been working on to add to it:
  10. I live in Middle Georgia (USA). My tattoo was done by Ashlie Layne at Cherry Street Ink in Macon, Georgia. My dad worked for a company that makes zippers for over 20 years, hence the zipper. He also loved Hawai'i, so the interior was based off of a picture I took in 2013 when we went there on a trip. I am planning to add to it soon with this idea:
  11. Greetings! I just recently got my first tattoo (already planning on adding to it and getting more!) I'm thrilled to finally get my first one. I'm going to be 34 this year and have been wanting some for many years. Unfortunately, the reason for my first tattoo is a rather sad one. It's a memorial tattoo for my dad, who passed last August. But it was a big motivation to finally go and get it. Now, the floodgates have opened!
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