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  1. hello, my tattoo artist said that it might be the weather cuz its super hot here and then i go in an airconditioned room always. but idk, the bumps dont hurt or itch at all. i just dont it there. do u think this will go away on its own? my tattoo artist suggested an anti bacterial ointment tho to try
  2. update: a better view of it. I just want to know what this is, will it go away on its own? Need help. Its been 3 weeks since they started popping up
  3. Yeah it's really unusual, it also doesn't hurt or itch. It's just there suddenly. Here some more pictures..
  4. Hello guys im new here and I need help. I got a tattoo five months ago and these bumps suddenly appeared just now. It started 2 weeks ago and now it spread like this. do you guys know what this is? Will it just go away? Or is it because of the weather/environment that I am in?