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  1. cellulitis

    Thank you, that's exactly what I think. I am more bothered about fixing the pain rather than fixing the way it looks
  2. cellulitis

    Thank you oboogie I'm worried that a cover up would make it hurt more. It already hurts enough as it is. Plus I am so scared of catching celulitis as my main concern and as a small concern it would probably look silly adding more to it now
  3. cellulitis

    Devious 6 the picture where it looks like a bruise is how it looks now. The other pictures was the day after it was done where I had celulitis and had I not got antibiotics it would most probably of killed me! Sstu I was so worried about how it looked I went on the Internet and Google search blow outs and I saw some other people who had similar looking blow outs where the ink looked like a bruise. If you get a chance have a look for yourself. One poor woman had one a lot worse than mine. The problem with mine is that it's still causing me pain. I think this is because where it is rubs on my body and my inside arm is always touching it. But I won't ever get a cover up as it will probably hurt in a larger area and look silly. Luckily it didn't blow out on the outside of my arm. That looks OK.
  4. cellulitis

    Sstu do you think that the darker area below it is a blowout? It looks like a bruise but it's not. I won't ever get another tattoo again after I almost died getting that one done. So a cover up is not an option for me. I think adding to it would just look silly anyway as it was only ment to cover up a tattoo that I already had.
  5. cellulitis

    Thank you guys. Yeah it's not good, some tattooists shouldn't be allowed to practice ? Van blow outs fade over time? Can anyone recommend anything to help the ink dispurse?
  6. cellulitis

    Thanks for your advice. I think she went too deep. I suspect it's damaged my nerves. The tattoo place did admit that she's a good tattooist but she's quite brutal when doing tattoos! It's not good I'm in constant pain from this. I will seek a dermatologist but I'm getting tests done in the next month. Hopefully the doctors can help
  7. cellulitis

    Hi Guys,I’m new here but here is my story.I got a tattoo done 6 months ago and as she was doing it it was really painful, she was tugging and pulling my arm and it became infected straight away! the next day i went to the doctors and they said i had cellulitis….very painful and scary!Luckly i had antibiotics and it cleared up. But now 6 months on this tattoo is still causing me pain. i do suffer from bad circulation,I am worried it has further damaged the circulation in my arm. Do you think this is possible? and also I’m worried i have nerve damage too. also whats quite annoying is i also think i have a blow out! any advise please? Here is how the tattoo looks now. This is how it looked the very next day after i had it done. It was extremely painful and i found the tattooist was quite rough with my arm, to the point the tugging and pulling was causing me more pain than having the tattoo done itself! Any advice would be extremely helpful. The doctor suspects the continued pain in my arm may be nerve damage? but she's not sure and has referred me to see a specialist, that will see me in a months time.