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  1. got this sacred heart from joe nickley almost 2 weeks ago and this from chris kline at the scranton convention this past weekend andddd yesterday i made an appointment with bert krak for next month while he's at old soul!
  2. actually just met matt over the weekend @ sunhouse; nice guy. this is cool!
  3. made a trip to michigan over the weekend jeff zuck @ name brand tattoo. not sure why the picture looks weird at the top of the flames alex boyko @ sunhouse then today on my way home i swung by old soul and got this from john hill
  4. chrisnoluck


    wow i have never saw a tattoo THAT bruised before.
  5. @thelonelywaltz - where i post the paintings and tattoos i do (first year tattooer i still suck) @tobringanend - more personal shit/pictures from travels and my bull terrier
  6. took a trip down to richmond for the weekend. my buddy joe nickley was guest spotting at all for one so i had him tattoo this jesus head cobra and skulls over an old shitty skull on my shin. then the next day i got my neck tattooed by max kuhn
  7. man reading these stories makes me so grateful that i had such a great experience apprenticing..
  8. couldn't agree more. i already had 3 panthers (2 heads, one full on my back) and i got a panther head from him at the pagoda convention on my hand. can never have enough panthers.
  9. simon has been one of my favorite tattooers for years now. can't wait for the day i can get something from him.
  10. i got my elbow tattooed yesterday by ivan soyars @ old soul tattoo; canonsburg, pa.
  11. i've done this a few times and always end up happy but it's usually with someone i've been tattooed by before and someone that i know for sure i will like whatever they feel like doing.
  12. alex rules, got a cool little tattoo from him a year or so ago.
  13. man.. too bad kirk wilken JUST moved to colorado, he was tattooing at old soul in canonsburg and kills it with japanese.
  14. this is my life to a T.. i'm off work tomorrow and contemplating going and getting my elbow tattooed even though i JUST got tattooed
  15. looking forward to seeing it! i actually tried getting tattooed by scott yesterday too but timing didn't work out, unfortunately. enjoyed your takeover today also on IG
  16. walter is one of my favorite tattooers, i'm so jealous! i really need to make the trip to Co and get tattooed by him
  17. got my hand tattooed by mike wilson yesterday @ the pagoda city tattoo convention. soooo stoked on life right now even though my hands the size of a catchers mitt.
  18. i'll be there saturday. hoping to get tattooed by mike wilson, i'm going to call inksmith tomorrow to see if he's taking appointments but i know when he was at cleveland a few years back he was just doing walk ups. also emailed scott sylvia earlier and he said he had some time so i'm going to get a little something from him.
  19. this was awesome. i'm a big fan of matt's stuff, wish he was at spotlight when i flew out to get tattooed by bob in april so i could have met him. gotta get tattooed by him one day!!
  20. after almost 7 years of getting tattooed i just finally got my FIRST eagle the other day... thanks to tony sellers while he was guest spotting @ tattoo marks for the week.
  21. that's the one that really stood out to me as well. really cool tattoos though.
  22. @jfs40000 those are all cool but i REALLY wanna see this zuck piece! i'm trying to make a trip to ann arbor before winter to get tattooed by him and michael aul.
  23. never thought i would see myke chambers getting praise on here.. check out Topper (@plymouthfan on IG) @ philadelphia eddies for real traditional tattoos.
  24. things will always get better, man. go have a beer with some friends and get tattooed :cool:
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