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  1. When overlapping Saniderm, do not overlap more than 1 inch so it can breathe properly. If I had any foreign objects under my Saniderm I would remove and replace. I always keep mine on for 24 hours, then change to 2nd piece(s) and change again before 40 hours as a 3rd final clean set or (piece) and Leave on for 4 days. I personally don't use Saniderm brand as it irritates me so now I use H2Ocean D-Lize Pro or Recovery Derm shield. Call a local Tattoo shop to purchase some new sheets if you can. But if leaving these current ones on, like they said pay attention to what's it doing. I keep 48 Yard rolls on me at all times. I am just a collector.
  2. I have been healing with D-Lize pro (same as saniderm) and have great results. I change the wrap if there is any fluid buildup up to 45 hours but not after that. This works well for me. Sometimes I change the saniderm 3 times before 45 hours.
  3. What were your instructions? You should not take samiderm off on day 3. Best options are change after first day. Change to 3rd patch after seeping is done but before 48 hours as web site states and as I have learned. Leave 3rd patch on for 4-5 days after that. But if you removed on day 3 and have scabs then use normal healing methods. That’s what has worked for me.
  4. Yes, if you scroll up near the top of the page you can see where I have red irritations around the entire edge of the derm. (rib cage tattoo) It goes away in a week or so.
  5. Heres 2 shots of removing Tegaderm. Saniderm used to make me break out in water blisters and hives after 2 days. This heal process was : see below Tattoo was done on Friday 6-8pm 1) First 28 hours, wrap with Saran wrap only (washing periodically) (No moisturizer under saran wrap) 2) Put first set of Tegaderm on after 28 hours 3) Peel off after 24 hours and wash - let dry for 20 mins and apply second set of Tegaderm ( Sunday night) 4) Leave (second set) on for 3 days and remove Wednesday night 5) Apply good moisturizer and heal from here etc. Notice the red lines around the edges of where the Tegaderm was. That is a mild irritation from 4 days of Tegaderm. Something is different with the glue in Tegaderm VS the Saniderm for my body. The skin is wrinkled but healed over and is already peeling. I soaked all of the Tegaderm in Coconut oil for 15 minutes before peeling off and it came of easy. I also get one whole edge peeled back then pull it down very close to the skin so its NOT pulling the skin outward. this works for me.
  6. Im a fan of 4 days. But I have done 5 and 6 days.
  7. Yes I once had a breach of the Tegaderm and patched it. It started to smell as well and I was told to remove it. I lost color where the breach was. Once its breached they say you can overlap more Tegaderm 1/2" over the breached piece but Im not sure about that.
  8. Hello folks, Here's my Experience. Started using Saniderm over a year ago and Loved it. Last Tattoo session last month I became allergic to Saniderm and had a bad rash\skin water bubbles all around the entire edge of the Saniderm but not on the tattoo itself. I was Tattooed again last Saturday and tried Tegaderm. I did not get any rash this time. So here is exactly what I do and works great for me. 1) First 4 hours after Tattoos was done I leave Saran wrap on it 2) Wash tattoo with anti-bacterial soap 3) Apply a thin layer of Eucerin Aquaphor Advanced Therapy 4) Wash and re-apply 3-4 times in the first 24 hours 5) Soon as the first 24 hours have gone by I wash Tattoo thoroughly and wait about 10 minutes to air dry 6) I then apply Tegaderm 7) Left it on for 82 hours. (3.5 days) 8) Used Coconut oil and rubbed all around the edge of the Tegaderm which loosens the glue and hopped in the shower and removed slowly 9) It came off pretty easy and I have no scabs and only minor peeling\ Itching 10) I will use Lubriderm Normal to dry skin lotion for the next 4-7 days for completion. Works great for me!