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  1. 100% agreed- except for I use Dove Beauty Bar. My tattoos heal beautifully with Lubriderm and I've never had problems using it. The one time I used an ointment specifically for tattoos it scabbed and peeled way too quickly (done in four days) and looks like a much older tattoo than it is. Weird. Obviously I'm not an expert and I listen to my artist, but after that unexplained experience I've gone back to Lubriderm and unscented soaps and everything's perfect again.
  2. Kez


    Hey dude! Looking at your most recent pictures, it looks like (in my opinion) pretty standard for the peeling stage, which for me lasts 2-3 weeks (!) depending on the size of the tattoo. It'll look different to your newer one, because your newer one hasn't quite gotten to the scabbing/peeling stage. Personally my tattoos don't get their final "look" until four weeks after I have them done. So my advice would be to wait, keep on looking after it, and calm down! Of course, your artist is the person to look to, more than someone on the internet. If it will make you feel better I would recommend going into seeing them and what they say. In my opinion though, you're just peeling and it's totally normal! It won't last forever, promise. :)