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  1. This site is cracking me up. The tat has the elements that I requested the designer to use. The artist that I was going to use is a top artist. Never said the best. I said one ot the best. He was on Ink Master and Im not going to throw his name around without his approval. Its called ethics. Learn it. The entire purpose of this post if you care, was to try and get an idea if there was anything that could be done that wouldn't really change the layout of the tat but maybe help the overall look to help it stand out. Since there seems to only be a bunch of people with non-professional opinions that are more concerned with a name of an artist instead of what the original post is about, Im going to delete the damn thing. Keep stroking those egos guys and maybe it will get you somewhere, but I doubt it.
  2. He didn't design it. But thanks for assuming. He just said it might get lost in translation. So I was seeking thoughts and what not. Wasn't looking to harvest asshole opinions. So since you can't be constructive, move on.
  3. 1. Why 2. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate that
  4. My artist is one of the best in the biz. He also being supplied with the stencil not just the picture. It sucks cause I really like it and looking for ways to make minor changes that might make it translate better
  5. I have 2 tats that I've had designed. The one on the right is more complicated and I'm worried how it will translate. Will it be able to be tatted like it looks? He also changed the skull to an eagle. It might be better. Thoughts?