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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Freddie in A Little Advice Before I Approach Artists   
    Hey, I saw your finished tattoo in the other thread, and good on you for designing it and going through with the entire tattoo!  Don't worry about the naysayers.  It's yours to stay (of course), and it's definitely a lot better than some of those crappy flash designs that I've seen.  How has it healed?
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    JazzyMac reacted to VOODOO511 in How much do you think this will cost?   
    I want this on my upper arm, I want it in a decent size but not too big. In black

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    JazzyMac reacted to el twe in How much do you think this will cost?   
    Welcome to LST!  We don't talk about money here, that will be best answered by whomever you choose to do the tattoo.
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    JazzyMac reacted to Hands On in Newbie   
    feelin a little bad about this one. dude came here and innocently posted up some pics of himself and his tattoos and the first two replies he gets basically say his tattoos aren't good and he dresses like a dickhead. how would anyone respond to that "welcome"?
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    JazzyMac reacted to gez7ch in Newbie   
    Well first I appreciate your approach toward things. I personally won't hang around this forum anymore but just wanted to say, you're all talking about "the best tattoo artists in the business" or so. I don't think that a tattoo artist should be judged by how famous he is. In Israel there's a studio called Kipod Tattoo which have some of the greatest tattoo artists in the world, you can look them up online.
    That said, I choose to do my ink works at a different studio by different artist. I can assure you that after exploring the tattoo world for a long time, as far as quality of work on my ink, it's high quality since the artists managed to transfer my wished sketches perfectly on to my body, their technique is high quality and i'm sure my tattoos will age well as an answer to a question of one reply in this thread.
    At the end of the day I don't care how big is the reputation of the artist I did my works at, as long as I love my ink and how it looks on me, I don't mind tattoo artist or enthusiasts looking at me and saying "that's a lame work". I love how it looks, it all sits together well for me and I will keep doing my tattoos at the same artist which for me is the best, if it because of his attitude, his technique and how he can turn my ideas into fine ink.
    I'm sure he's not the best, as you said there will be always someone who could do the work better, or should I say different. But bottom line the comments I get on my ink from girls and basically all the surrounding is good, all loving the way it looks, which ofc doesn't matter because what matters is that i'll love it.
    As to the modeling photos, it's the only thing I had on my computer when I opened my account here and posted the initiation thread.
    Again, appreciate you calming things down here, however, just seems as if this is not the forum for me. Wish you all best of luck with your future ink.
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from scottyg in What do you think about this tattoo ?   
    Do not worry about your English. Some people just don't understand others no matter what. Welcome to the forum!
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    JazzyMac reacted to Mark Bee in Tattoo Community?   
    This ain't a very busy forum any more. It used to be a very busy place.
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    JazzyMac reacted to mmmsarah in Tattoo Community?   
    I don't think it's starting shit to say it's rude to dump on people's new tattoos. It's too late to change anything, why are you gonna make someone feel bad? It happens so much on initiation posts. But anyway doesn't matter, I've realised this forum is not for me. You guys do your thing, I wish lots of awesome tattoos in your futures!
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    JazzyMac reacted to Intomyskin in Tattoo Community?   
    Any forum, even those that are "must be a member to post," is going to have people who are going to make negative comments. And some people are going to be blunt in their honest responses, and maybe sometimes a little too blunt.
    For example, there are two ways to tell a newbie that traditional tattoos hold up well over the long term:
    "That watercolor s**t is going to look like dog puke smeared on the carpet in ten years, so if you decide to get something stupid like that, don't come back here whining about it and asking how to fix it. Get a REAL tattoo instead of some trendy impressionistic crap that you saw in some fancy magazine." or...
    "Tattoos without outlines often don't hold up well over time. The ink fades and the images might become indistinct, expecialliy if you spend time in the sun. Take some time and look at some tattoos that are 20 or 30 years old and see what happens to the colors vs. the line work, and then make a decision." I think the second is a more helpful response. But you are probably going to get some responses like the first one, so you have to have a filter. I have certainly seen some mean spirited responses to sincere questions.
    For the most part, I think LST is good and supportive environment.
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    JazzyMac reacted to idyllsend in Tourist kicked out of a country for her tattoo   
    There was a story going around not too long ago about a guy denied entry into Sri Lanka
    due to his buddha tattoo.
    The Man with the Buddha Tattoo - Robbie Bulloch
    I say, if you're a visitor to that country, you need to do a little research and respect their culture, full stop.
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    JazzyMac reacted to Paulywhore in Customer Respect. Does it exist?   
    right on, thanks for the responses guys.
    I guess because I have my own business and I have more than a thimble full of common sense in my head, and I was raised oldschool with this thing called Respect engrained in me that i see things the way that i do, the man with the money is the boss, without the paying customer your rent is not paid, but money doesn't come that easy to me so I appreciate it when I have a customer, shit especially in this economy.
    At work I get burned and breath in chemicals all day and i'm happy as fuck to do it when someone calls me to do a job, I dont have some punk attitude to my customers because I want to treat people good so I get referals to other customers.
    Maybe the money is just too easy to make for some tattoo artists and they don't appreciate what they are doing, Ya know easy come easy go.
    Anyways thought id share my thoughts with you guys, perhaps a customers view for you shop owners to take note and evaluate how you treat the people who pay your bills.
    I mean damn I thought getting tattooed was suppose to be fun? The fuckin cool guy punk attitude kinda blows the fun out of it, and maybe offer your customers a cup of fucking water for christ sake? especially if they have been waiting for two hours after they made a appointment to get tattooed.
    How can you be proud of the work you do if your just out to hustle someone?
    Its called Pride ya know that thing that America was built on.
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    JazzyMac reacted to AbbyRoad in Customer Respect. Does it exist?   
    the guy i used to get tattooed from was kind of a dick. i couldnt finish my first big tattoo in one sitting and he was really rude about it, because he had already poured out all the color and we never got to use it. it was my second tattoo, the first tattoo being really small, taking only 15 mins. the tattoo i couldnt finish ended up taking a total of 4 hours. i could only do 2 hours in the first sitting.
    i was straight up with the artist telling him i had never gotten a tattoo that large before and yet he still acted like an asshole. its not my fault he poured out the color to early, he was supposed to be the professional. i went back to him for my third tattoo, because even though he was rude i really loved how the tattoo turned out. but the second tattoo he did for me turned out pretty bad, and he still had an attitude so i decided to find another artist i gelled with more.
    enter Travis McGregor.
    ive been going to him for all my tattoo needs for a few years now and he is not just a talented artist but also a super cool dude. everyone at the shop he works at, Thrive Studios, is really nice. i dont really know what to say beyond that. i always have an good experience when i go there. they have a mini fridge with beverages that i usually take advantage of, and one time the guys bought me lunch. (i offered to pay for my share but they said they had it covered). a few times during sittings on my full back piece i wasnt the best client, (having to stop early and literally moaning in pain) but they never made me feel bad about it.
    that being said i wouldnt expect this type of treatment from every artist or shop, but im glad i have a reference point for a good and bad shop experiences.
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    JazzyMac reacted to Paulywhore in Customer Respect. Does it exist?   
    Just wondering how you tattoo artist view your customers?
    i have always noticed a "im too cool attitude" by every artist that ive been tattooed by, I get the feeling that a customer is just a john or trick if you will, kinda like a prostitute views there clients, ya know with a complete lack of respect for there customers and just wanting to get your money.
    It seams like all the "artists" that ive encountered sees me as a drawing board with a pocket book, usually the artist is talking to another artist the whole time he is tattooing me and if i participate in the conversation at all I either get ignored or looked at funny and responded to in a curt manor, is this the normal attitude in this industry?
    (Take this for instance - i made a apointment with a artist earlier in the week for saturday 12:30, i showed up at 1230 sharp, and the helper said oh hes gunna do a tat really quik than get to me, ok i said", if it wasnt for wanting to get tattooed by this man for years, i would have just left right on the spot, but i stayed and about 45mins go by and the helper is going around asking the tattooers if they wanted some coffee or something to eat because she was going out to the coffee shop, I was thinking boy i hope she asks me if i want a cup of coffee, i sure am thirsty, but she just walked right past me like i wasnt there.
    30 more min goes by and she gets back and everyone takes a coffee/ lunch break, the artist takes a break and about 20 more mins go by, by than its been two hours ive been waiting and im pretty thirsty, so i ask the helper if there is a coffee shop near by? she says - "oh hes ready to tattoo you know".
    Im not out to bargin hunt some rinky dink skull or sumething, I dropped 300 on the piece and didnt have any requests or stupid placement of the tat, so i know im not difficult in any way.
    I am very happy with the tattoo and i even tipped the artist, because i like the piece he did, he was also a nice guy to talk to, and he didnt have the cool guy tude most have.
    I would get tattooed again by him maybe just not at that shop, i guess he works at other shops so.)
    Its funny how many times I have felt disrespected in one way or another while at a tattoo shop when i really think back on the experiences ive had in the past.
    Im almost to the point that id rather get a shitty tattoo but a good experience rather than the other way around, either that or just smack the motherfucker right in his mouth right when i feel disrespected by the "cool guy tude"
    For the record I am a very easy going guy, i dont judge peolpe, I dont think im better than anyone, and I am willing to talk to anyone no matter how different they are, but i get the feeling alot of tattooers dont think that way? its like they are in this cool guy society and regular people just are not cool enough to respect, almost like a form of racism against non tattooers?
    If I could get your guys take on how you see customers and the way you think they should be treated please do tell? -
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    JazzyMac reacted to pinaclaudia_ in Full Sleeve done in 5 Days   
    I recently traveled 5,000 miles to get my first tattoo– a full sleeve done in just 5 days. I made a blog to chronicle my journey and share some real first-hand advice. Everything you need to know about my experience, my artists, as well as some gnarly pics of what its really like to tattoo for 24 hours. 
    Click here to read my story!
    Xo Claudia

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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Ken4784 in Saying hi and looking for advice   
    UNFORTUNATELY (or maybe fortunately!),
    Since the two names are now *huge* characters in pop culture, you're going to find a lot of "Poison Ivy" and "Archer-Danger Zone!" references.  
    Have you checked out tattoodo.com?
    I use that to throw my design ideas against, and as luck would have it, I'm able to find a ton of artists, and then I plug those artists into Instagram to learn learn more about them.  
    This is what I pulled up on Google though.  ivy plant tattoo
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    JazzyMac reacted to Ken4784 in Saying hi and looking for advice   
    Hi all, been lurking and decided to post today. I don't have any tattoos but want to get one. I'm 33/m and live in Maryland in the US. I've always been interested and drawn to tattoos but could never find something meaningful enough to pull the trigger. Finally with the birth of my second child, I feel inspired enough to get one. 
    I guess my question is, what do I do now? My kids names are Ivy and Archer and since their names are both nouns (ivy the plant/vine, and archer - one who performs archery), I thought their names could somewhat easily be translated to an image. I'm just not sure what that image would be. I'm thinking a half sleeve on my upper left arm. Is this enough of an idea to bring to an artist? 
    Anyone got any good ideas how to bring together the two names into a cohesive idea? 
    Thanks all and nice to be here with you.
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    JazzyMac reacted to Illiad86 in Hi from SC   
    Pretty rough tattoo. Got those and a back piece at a young age. Do have an upcoming appointment next month tho with a solid artist to start some proper b&g leg work!
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    JazzyMac reacted to tattooedj in Full Back Piece Experience Thread   
    Yesterday, I started my full back piece with Rei from Inkrat, Tokyo.
    Three-and-a-half hours of lining was pretty prickly in places - but some good blues music, a howling spring wind outside and the stoke got me through it unscathed. And there's something mindboggling about a Japanese tattooer doing an American old school interpretation of how a Japanese tattoo should look.
    Colours are coming in a few weeks and I'll update then, j

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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Illiad86 in Hi from SC   
    Hello and welcome!
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    JazzyMac reacted to Illiad86 in Hi from SC   
    Thank you @JazzyMac
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Olympian in Latest tattoo! Giraffe smoking a pipe w/ neck sleeve by Alex Rockoff!   
    That's a very nice tattoo!  How long did it take?
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    JazzyMac reacted to Olympian in Latest tattoo! Giraffe smoking a pipe w/ neck sleeve by Alex Rockoff!   
    Got it at Ace's High West Palm. I didn't realize he was on Ink Master until after I made the first appointment. I'm in love.

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    JazzyMac reacted to Illiad86 in Hi from SC   
    Hi LST! Long time lurker but just recently finally joined. Just wanted to say thanks for such a vast wealth of tattoo knowledge all in one location. 
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Missyblue in Love these tats!   
    I'm glad you and all the others agreed with me that it needed to pack a bit more punch.  Hopefully when you go back in August, your artist can hook you up with more bold ness to truly represent your loves.  Either way, you'll have a great before and even better after!
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    JazzyMac reacted to Matthew Thomas in slang terms that make you cringe?   
    In some ways, that is true at times. But my previous post was not about that. I will choose for myself, whether wisely or unwisely, what to say, do, think, and feel, and I am responsible for what I choose. You may choose what to think, say, feel or do to me, but that is also your choice which you are responsible for. It is not my place to tell you how to choose, nor am I responsible for what you choose. I'm not attempting to get a rise out of anyone. I'm just saying, feel free to feel how you choose to feel about me, but own that choice.
    - - - Updated - - -
    With the exception of calling a machine a gun, who decides what terms are proper or correct? These are all words that to me, mean the same thing. Tattoo is one word that describes markings made on the body with ink. All the other terms that people use to describe them mean exactly the same thing. People call money different slang terms, but I don't see accountants getting all upset because I called a dollar bill a greenback, do you? And yes, tattooists do try to steer people away from tattoos that they don't think they will be happy with, but that's not the same as one person telling another what to think or say. You can ask members of a community to change something. Some will comply, others won't. It doesn't mean that the people who choose not to comply don't respect the community. It's just means that they think and choose for themselves.