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    JazzyMac reacted to Matthew Thomas in slang terms that make you cringe?   
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of me. However, acknowledgement of that entitlement does not imply any obligation on my part to rectify the opinions of others, nor does it imply that rectification of anyone's opinion is required. I have been called fat, stupid, ugly, cracker, bald-headed bastard, etc etc. None of these words mean anything to me, nor will they ever. I will describe the art on my body as I choose. Those who don't like it are free to feel how they choose to about it.
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    JazzyMac reacted to Matthew Thomas in slang terms that make you cringe?   
    Referring to a machine as a gun is more of a habit then anything. Grew up hearing it called that, have heard almost everyone I've ever known who has tattoos call it that and even a few tattooists, and I'm trying to break that habit. As far as the other terms, tattoo artists and people who have tattoos live in a world where conformity is akin to a mortal sin (at least in my mind), so why try to tell people what terms they are allowed to use to describe their art? You might as well tell them what tattoos to get (or not get). I'm not purposely rude or offensive unless someone is to me first, but I hardly see how the words I use to describe the art on my body is going to hurt anyone else, and if it is, grow a thicker skin. You can get through the pain of a tattoo, but catch feelings when you don't like the words another person uses to describe their art? I think we are being a little too sensitive to words here. I'm a non-conformist. I do, say, think and feel what I choose, not what someone else chooses for me.
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Missyblue in Love these tats!   
    I did see that, but it's not a glossary.
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    JazzyMac reacted to mafiatattoo in blackngrey let me stay   
    thanks man!
    only work with reeeally light shadows if the customer wish so.
    i personally like it darker so the tat have room to get little bit lighter over the years.
    also i remember the customer to cream it regularly! so even the softest shadows stay solid.
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Missyblue in Love these tats!   
    Hey there!  Nice "tat", "tattoo", "ink", and other terms that may or may not be allowed to be spoken in these here parts.  I didn't notice a glossary in the rules, and believe me I looked.
    As far as your "three loves", I'd only wished it packed more punch--only my opinion.  The watercolor splatter looks very dainty for your representations.  It's still pretty though.
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    JazzyMac reacted to Missyblue in Love these tats!   
    Hi! New here and I wanted to get on and say I am loving most all of the tats I have seen so far! 
    Glad I found you! This is a pic of a tat I got about 3 weeks ago. It represents my love of dogs, horses and life. the Red and white in the middle is my ribbon for Aplastic Anemia. I need to have something done to it tho...not sure what.

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    JazzyMac reacted to Ghostllie in Hello everyone   
    I currently have three tattoos, a scorpion on my left shin, XIX on the inside of my left middle finger, and my dads hand writing saying "I love you" on my right wrist. I'm actually getting another tattoo today the 12th 
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from mevasui in Is a cover up possible   
    Hey how's it going?  I saw your question first and then went searching for a cover up I'd seen a few weeks prior. Finally found it. 
    In answer to your question:  I DON'T KNOW. I'm not an expert on tattoos and it looks as if you have a ton of color and detail in a tight space. However, I have seen lots of expert talent and skill on Instagram so....anything is possible?  But be willing to get in a waiting list and pay much dollars for what you want. That's a big if. That said, I would first find a GOOD artist before attacking your tattoo with a laser treatment or anything of the sort. You don't want to make things worse than it already is. 
    Welcome to the forums and don't be afraid to try out the search function. I'm fairly new myself, so still learning the lay of the land. In the Photo Gallery is a section of covered up tattoos as well. Those aren't really great though. Lurk around the threads for the skillful artists and get your name on a waiting list. 
    Again, it doesn't hurt to try. Well in this case it might. Best wishes!

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    JazzyMac reacted to havetsherre in Full Back Piece Experience Thread   
    Had my second session a couple of days ago. I was in horrible shape going into this session, with stiches in my head, a concussion and generally fatigued. But "the stoke" pulled med through.  

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    JazzyMac reacted to Thekev in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Got a good start on my arm piece this last weekend.

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    JazzyMac reacted to kassandrac in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Started this little guy the other day! Popped into one of my favorite shops for their walk-in Saturdays and my artist Jordyn came up with this to match my left shin which is a fox sitting in a rose. Go back for color on June 15th!

    The angle is kinda wonky in the second picture, it's hard to get a straight on shot of your own shins when you don't have a mirror!

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    JazzyMac reacted to AtomicMagpye in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Had the latest additions to this last Saturday - (king magpye, atom, additional magpye (not shown) further up the arm and a little treble clef gap filler....)...
    Still healing right now - this will eventually be a sleeve.... eventually.... :-)

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    JazzyMac reacted to JTJTJT in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Started my new sleeve yesterday at la cour des miracles in Toulouse

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    JazzyMac got a reaction from Gingerninja in Post Tattoo anxiety   
    Thing is with marriages AND tattoos, you don't have to get either or do either in order to prove anything.  And you can think extremely long and hard before doing either.  Therefore, when it's done, barring health and safety that you didn't know prior to getting into either, it's there for life.
    So you've done one or the other, and now you've got regrets?  Welp, like others have said...give it time to "simmer" before making any rash decisions.  Also, how about hanging out in places where other people have tattoos?  Maybe in big metropolitan areas, shopping areas where there's bound to be more people (more people = more tattoos), or see if you can find a convention coming up, or maybe a couple of bars.
    See how you feel then.  Incidentally, what's the quote say?
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    JazzyMac reacted to peterpoose in A nice story!   
    Thought I would post this as I am sure you all have seen it a million times. Looks ace now :)
    Scott Versago
    I got to tackle the official "#1 worst portrait tattoo in the world" today. I'm sure you've all seen it a million times online, as had I. I couldn't believe my eyes when this guy walked in and showed me this project. I think my jaw literally hit the floor. He went on to tell me the story behind the portrait; He had just married his beautiful wife and not even three months afterwards she was killed in a horrible house fire accident leaving him to raise their three children alone. Shortly after he went to a local tattoo studio to memorialize his wife and was left with this abomination. He later returned to that studio for one more session, thinking that perhaps "he had done something wrong in the healing of the tattoo" and they butchered it even more the second time. Finally, he drove all the way to my studio, Empire Ink, just to meet me and to see what his options were. Touched by his story, I gifted the entire project to him for free. Now he has closure and I have an amazing story to add to my portfolio!

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    JazzyMac reacted to Zillah in Tattoo Myths and Misconceptions   
    That tattoos can give you STDs! I just saw this on a tattooist's website.
    "Tattooing carries a risk of STDs and other nasty things infecting you, and you wouldn’t want to catch any of those."
    If you're getting sexually transmitted diseases from a tattooist, it's not the needle they're sticking you with.
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    JazzyMac reacted to suburbanxcore in Veteran LST users unite!   
    @oboogie Regardless of what you apparently think, you have no bearing on my digital world. I have literally replied to you in one thread prior to this one. In this instance, I was addressing a three page thread and said absolutely nothing about or to any of your comments. I've been here for years and have never made it my style to call people out or anything of the sort. Feel free to check any of my posts.  
    Additionally, It's also hard to not comment on threads you post in - you post in almost every thread. 
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    JazzyMac reacted to Intomyskin in Ass tattoos   
    I’ve not started on my back piece yet but I’ve been communicating with my artist about my plans. She strongly advised me to consider doing butt cheeks as part of the back piece. She said that most of her clients who get a back piece without the butt eventually come back and want their cheeks done, and it is difficult to extend a finished back piece onto the butt without it looking like an awkward “add on.”  She also advised that including the butt allows better use of the body as a canvas because it allows the image to have more “flow” over a larger surface to create a cohesive design that compliments the body.
    It does seem that visually, the butt is sort of a continuation of the surface of the back. The crease at the bottom of the butt is sort of a strong termination line, and a natural place to stop, whereas the waist is pretty undefined. So stopping a design at the waist is sort of arbitrary. It makes sense to use the butt as part of the back, rather than a separate body part. Since I am doing a Japanese style back, it would have one large image or theme, rather than several individual pieces, so it does make sense to include the butt.
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    JazzyMac reacted to HettyKet in The ladies thread   
    I felt the need for a solar plexus tattoo too, but I do hope to be skipping about naked at 80, well, if I fancy it. The standard underboob placement was never going to be optimal on me, I've never had the right sort of breasts. So, my tattoo comes up and onto to solar plexus, rather than being placed around it, if you see what I mean. It ends just, just under the band of my bra/bikini.
    But, I'd say, with breasts like you describe @TrixieFaux, it's not boob saggage that's a potential issue with this placement, that's never going to mess things up too much. Rather, it's the way the underboob placement tends increases the visibility of the natural asymmetry of the breasts (that all women have). That asymmetry does become more apparent as the breast softens with age and reproduction even if there isn't significant sagging. Even on the very young, pert, instagram chests I've more than often seen the placement emphasise the asymmetry, making the tattoo look slightly wonky even though, technically speaking it is perfectly centered etc. which is a shame.
    With mine being designed and placed as it is my breasts (when roaming free) actually look more symetrical than they did before, rather than less. Which is nice. I've posted it on latest tattoo lowdown already but here it is again.

    - - - Updated - - -
    With asymetry, I mean the often subtle differences in roots of the breasts, rather than the slight differences in size and shape between the breasts (which we are usually aware of). The differences in height of the base of the breast and the precise distance from the from the center of the breast bone to the root of the breast can be pretty much imperceptible on a lot of women, until you place something that is utterly symmetrical in between and under them...
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    JazzyMac got a reaction from flipcrab85 in hey!   
    Phew!  Definitely way more portrait shots to bounce off each other for consideration, and a lot more options.  Plus a nice road trip and the chance to see friends doesn't hurt either.  Glad you could check out more places.
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    JazzyMac reacted to kimkong in Full Back Piece Thread   
    started this end of '13 with rich hardy in krakow,poland. then i travelled to london, paris and london again to finish it few weeks ago. so relieved that i finally don't have to get through that pain again. although the shading during the last 3 sessions was so easy in comparison to the lines.
    anyways i can only repeat that rich is the nicest guy. everyone should get tattooed by him if he is around.
    merry christmas everyone!

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    JazzyMac reacted to flipcrab85 in hey!   
    ive decided on going with Jay Quarles from Black 13 in Nashville. he's the most accessible for me, beings ive got friends in that area, so travel arrangements are a little easier. appreciate all the input.
    He's booked about 10 months out, but told me he gets about 4-7 cancellations a month, so its plausible to get in much sooner. i think hes pretty solid and concise in his application, detailed but not over the top thatll disappear later down the road.
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    JazzyMac reacted to ItsNewport in Full Back Piece Thread   
    Session 3 done, backpiece done (although we have already talked about adding background - my bank account and body both screamed in unison). Such a cool experience, i've met some awesome people, had some great times and i've come out of it with a tattoo that i have to keep reminding myself is actually mine. To think that 6 months ago there was nothing, it's crazy!

    Already posted in the latest tattoo thread but i had to bring it to my chums in the backpiece thread! I now looking forward to sitting back and seeing what the rest of you guys are getting, bring em on!
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    JazzyMac reacted to Cork in Full Back Piece Thread   
    Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, Jondix's stuff is out of control.

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    JazzyMac reacted to Rad Kelham in Full Back Piece Thread   
    There's mine completed in 2007ish. I now wish it were more detailed but at the time I wanted the biggest back piece with the least amount of time and effort and money. So it goes.