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    Been in it since '99... Really started learnin it in 03-04, I am Richard Stell's Student, Assistant, Apprentice, and left hand.... I post his stuff, he looks at this site, he remarks, and when he tells me to post on his behalf, as with most things, I do as I am told. He is my ...
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    Where he goes I follow...
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    tattoos, painting, websites, photography, and sleep.. FOOD!.
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    photography, production: stage, events, etc... I build websites, etc...self-employeed, empowered.

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  1. So.... We're putting on a show.... April 24-26, 2015 in Downtown Tulsa, OK.... We are still working on the site, and getting artwork done, but.... oklahomatattooshow We're trying really hard to get a well-rounded line-up together, and put on a nice event for not only the artists and vendors, but more importantly to showcase some amazing tattooing to our new home state.... Feel free to message me or shoot an email directly to the show if you or anyone you know is interested in participating, or just attending the event... Thanks, Jen
  2. Well..... Richard's contract had the same clause in it..... No use of illegal substances, or having them.... Lesson: Either share with everyone, so they all go down too. Or don't get caught.
  3. what's up Dean? Good to have you on LST.
  4. Go see Tim Martin at Brainstorm Tattoo in Fayetteville, Arkansas.... super nice shop, he worked for Jack Rudy at GTC in Orange County before he worked for Richard for 6 years in Dallas prior to moving back to his home state to set up shop, he's had that place for over a decade and continues to make good tattoos by or appt or walk in, and has a couple world class tattooers tucked in his place, Jennifer Billings is there, and it's a good place to start...
  5. There is most definitely a "vibe" or "resonance" with anything Higg-ish... If the tattooer doesn't know the art off the top of their head or the shop doesn't have the actual real flash, I would say, "bad vibe"... Higgs is a language, you wouldn't wan't someone that can't understand or speak the language to go interpreting something completely foreign on your skin for you, especially, if YOU know what you want.
  6. One other thing, Richard read you entry... He said FUCK EM. He has an amazing portrait tattoo of his son on his leg, the tattoo is 20 years old, looks amazing, and done by an ELITE European tattooer, and even though it still looks great. He really doesn't like the tattoo, due to the experience... Just his two cents.
  7. A little humility goes a long way. . . Sounds like a rough experience. The "vibe" an artist has essentially ends up in you, from just sitting and getting tattooed, the "experience" is important, it should be a comfortable, and pleasant one, "a good time", cause shit hurts... There are plenty of tattooers out there, it's hard finding good ones, just go with what your gut says, because it would suck to hate yourself, if the artwork is just as unpleasant as the artist.
  8. Just a quickie note. . . We'll be attending Oliver Pecks Convention in Deep Ellum, (Dallas, TX) September 13-15... and We are confirmed for the Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts in San Fran. this October... So far time is completely open, so get at me if you want to get tattooed by Richard...
  9. I haven't written or been actively posting up anything lately... And there's good reason for it. I have a lot going on, we all do. Life here on the recent has been a testament to the true meaning of love. The overwhelming outpour of support from FAMILY: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, has been humbling, and heartwarming, and a big eye opener to just how much impact one person (Richard) can have on a relatively large circle of likeminded individuals whom happen to share the same passion for their profession; or the great clients we get to call friends... We have no choice but to overcome, we always do, we are obligated to YOU. For you have given his heart a second chance, and for that I am truly grateful. There have been more tears cried these last several weeks, then I think both of us combined in a lifetime, and, I'm a big crybaby. Thank You, It should go without saying, because we didn't ask for anyone to help you just did. And that in itself was truly magnificent, unexpected, and at times still breath taking. Thank You... Seriously, and Sincerely, Jennifer Stell PS: If you have a print on order, or are waiting on something, I haven't forgotten about any of it, I am just up to my ears in trying to get the shop legal, take care of my legal issues, take care of my husband, and keep my head on straight.... Bare with me and do not hesitate to drop me an email. Jen
  10. I don't know where exactly I should post up.... But, the party is next weekend, I am keeping my word to my old man... I'm on a flight to JAX, FL... to get the artwork, and taxidermy, and neon, and home furnishings with two fellow Texans in tow.... This last week has been a true testament to the saying Mi Vida Loca.... The only thing I am thankful for is the tattoo family that has created a protective circle of love and support around Richard. It's opened his eyes as well as mine to how precious life really is, and how we are blessed. Crazy. Mad. Love. Love. Loyalty. Respect. Take care of tattooing, and it takes care of you. It's TRUE. Making this last run is about all the energy I have left, then I want to party.
  11. She's one I SERIOUSLY look up to... not because she's leggy, but because she's the definition of perseverance.
  12. Totally... It's already sneaking up on the calendar... Today so far I am going thru Richards site... Doing a few updates, and adding some images of new prints available thru the site Prints for sale...
  13. In general, I love tattooing, but recently hate the politics and judgmental attitudes coming from within the community, I too have been guilty of this.... A recent death in this big family, "the Body Art FAMILY", has hit me hard. And I have kept this: Shannon Larratt is Zentastic › I can scarcely move or draw my breath // Let me, let me freeze again to death up for days, reading it over and over and I cry, and sometimes I laugh but more often I just get sad... I tear up right now thinking about it. Shannon Larratt was the THE person to lay the first cornerstone for all body art websites, and forums... And he has passed. I knew him on a personal level when he was with Rachel his ex-wife, but maintained a relationship online up until his passing and always kept my eye on his work, as he was a groundbreaker, and one of the few forward thinkers this whole profession, or community had... And on that blog, if you read it... You will see some abundance of undeniable truths... He points out a few about his own site community, (some of these truths also apply to this site), and I would like to share that with you all... We need to be thankful for everyday we have, especially if you have children. We need to be nicer to one another, and we need a sincere movement toward being a unified presence instead of a bunch of cool guy tattoo/piercing cliques, picking each other apart. Once upon a time we were all in it together, even though we were very much alone. I miss that. Hence another reason why we have been building our shop by ourselves and I havn't been posting much work online,also we have had little to no help from anyone, no partners, no loans... Our tattoos, paintings, and prints have funded our buildout. And our hands, backs, and egos have gotten back into check more now then ever. Blood, sweat and tears... But not in vain. Our tattoo shop is built upon tattoos, and the artwork that provoked them.
  14. That is such an amazing back piece.... the grey were like graphite powder blushed onto him... and the Black was so saturated and dark... AMAZING.
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