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  1. I'm looking to get my first tattoo and I found an artist I like. Her waitlist opens in October and then it's at least a year wait. I'm ok waiting since it's my first anyway and I really like her stuff. Curious how long other people have waited for the right artist? Here she is, Emily Sloman from Have Fun Be Lucky in Baltimore, MD:
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    Thanks! I'm located outside Baltimore, MD (Reisterstown) but probably willing to travel up to an hour or two.
  3. Hi all, been lurking and decided to post today. I don't have any tattoos but want to get one. I'm 33/m and live in Maryland in the US. I've always been interested and drawn to tattoos but could never find something meaningful enough to pull the trigger. Finally with the birth of my second child, I feel inspired enough to get one. I guess my question is, what do I do now? My kids names are Ivy and Archer and since their names are both nouns (ivy the plant/vine, and archer - one who performs archery), I thought their names could somewhat easily be translated to an image. I'm just not sure what that image would be. I'm thinking a half sleeve on my upper left arm. Is this enough of an idea to bring to an artist? Anyone got any good ideas how to bring together the two names into a cohesive idea? Thanks all and nice to be here with you.