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    Hello everyone

    Hello hello. I'm for Toronto and my tattoo is a surfboard on the inside of my right forearm with some floral design in it. Very basic and done well. I was looking at doing a sleeve, but I only have an idea for a half sleeve. I'm into Greek mythology and love the desgins of the titan Atlas holding up the heavens (as the stories go). I would like something like that done on my left arm. Atlas would be kneeling just above my elbow while the world that he holds up is on my shoulder, maybe even leading into my chest. Unfortunately, I am not very creative so the only references I have are from pictures I found online. I'm going to have to do some research on tattoo places and their artists and schedule a couple sessions to maybe get an original design from the artist them self. My lack of creativity also leads me to not having an idea for the forearm of that sleeve. Hopefully the artist I go to can help me with that as well. I found this site to maybe get some advice or inspiration to think of an idea for the lower half of my sleeve, underneath Atlas. The images below is what i was originally looking at. The picture with the naked women, I like the way the body of Atlas is portrayed with one hand on the heavens, kneeling and such. The picture with the universe is what I would like the "heavens" that he is holding up to look like with its purple colours of the universe. And the one with the red "heavens", I like the portrayal of the chains all around his body.
  2. Hello, I live in Canada, have one tattoo on my forearm and looking for more. Found this site to get advice inquiring to my other tattoo ideas and what else would look nice with what I already have. Thanks