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  1. Ugh, I hated that. It felt almost as if he was busy going to town on my armpit even though he was just riding the edge. Phew, thankfully I only have to go through it one more time for the other arm. Thank you by the way!
  2. After a year and a half I have finally finished up my first major piece. Done by Horishow at Amitabha Tattoo in Fukuoka, Japan.
  3. By Horishow at Amitabha Tattoo in Fukuoka, Japan
  4. Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages
  5. @hogg I sure am. Came in town off leave for the 4th and decided to stop in and get some work.
  6. Done by Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages in Austin, Texas.
  7. Done by Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages Austin, Texas.
  8. As much as I wish most Navy tattoos were closely guarded as old Navy tattoos, I understand that it's not my place to judge anyone wearing them. Of course if they were claiming the "earned" 'em that'd be a whole different story.
  9. I'm active Navy at the moment, tattoo regulations seem to be there but depends on how it is enforced by your command. I believe you have to get a chit (written authorization) for every tattoo that you get from your CO (Commanding Officer), at least that's what Big Navy enforces. Now my last command wanted you to route a chit for every tattoo you got that would be showing in PT gear, which is pretty much arms and legs. My current command is a lot more lenient, I showed up with 2 tattoos that were visible and I'm currently rocking a leg sleeve and working on my right arm sleeve without putting i
  10. From the guys that have back pieces on the ship they've told me to get some syrann wrap, put it on the door, put some lotion on the syrann wrap and then rub your back against the door
  11. @CaptCanada I hear you. It was a lot more challenging to find a tattoo shop here in Kyushu rather than the states. I have to travel around 2 hours everytime I have an inkling to get a tattoo.
  12. @sylvirawr Well I'm glad you let him go, he is churning out some great work here in Fuk!
  13. Tittleton

    Light house

    Done by Horishow At Amitabha Tattoo in Fukuoka, JA
  14. This is ridiculous, It takes place a day after my leave expires, well that's a great way to start off memorial day -.-
  15. Latest by Horishow at Amitabha Tattoo in Fukuoka, JA http://i.imgur.com/e5apb.jpg
  16. I go in for a light house by Horishow in Fukuoka out here in Japan. I also just found out Norm will be making an appearance for a couple days so I got to see if capt. will let me off the ship a little early to swing by and at least get a picture! http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/523238_401399466589192_1113762049_n.jpg
  17. On the ship they call my my leg full of tattoos a "peg leg" so I guess that could work for a single leg sleeve.
  18. @Tatanium2012 It's still there and it's still overcharging sailors!
  19. Baby's first banger I got while doing a port visit in Okinawa at Ryukyu-Horiyoshi Tatoo studio
  20. @kylegrey New banger or Katana... Still probably going with the filler haha
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