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  1. @Dan @SStu @oboogie Thank you all for your help in reassuring me. I have never had tattoo scabs this extreme before. Just a small update: It turned out that the redness was a allergic reaction to the soap i was using. It was the tattoo goo antibacterial soap for tattoos and piercings (could be why it hurt so bad when i washed it 2 - 3 days after i got it). As soon as i changed my soap the redness had went away and healing started back up again as well as scabs leveled themselves out (instead of being raised). I switched over to vanicream cleansing bar for sensitive skin, morning and night
  2. man, i would of loved your comment on my question... instead i got someone telling me how horrible i took care of my tattoo. when in fact like you said everyone reacts differently. heals differently. shoot most of mine didnt like the same lotion/ointments twice. when in fact after you got your tattoos did they give you trouble?
  3. Could it have been the care on the sheet that was horrible? i clearly followed my artists instruction sheet since every tattoo artist has different care. had someone told me to leave bandage on overnight or double bandage i would have. i was only told for a couple hours, wash and apply tattoo goo or aquaphor... since im allergic to aquaphor, tattoo goo was it. i kept it clean, washing 3-5 times a day even if something touched it. i did mention i could barely touch it but alas i did since it must be done. i know what plasma does to a tattoo. i have several. 2 months ago i had a tattoo don
  4. hello, just looking for a second opinion. i just recently got a new tattoo on my inner forearm, center of wrist and elbow in the evening on Saturday 19th. a black and grey sparrow. i followed my artists instructions by leaving bandage on for a few hours and washing the tat 3-4 times a day then applying ointment sparingly. i used the tattoo goo green salve in the tin. the next day when i had woken up it was of course oozing plasma and ink. not really concerned just yet as it is my 8th tattoo and most of them had oozed in the beginning except for the one on my wrist which it did not. anyways Mo
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