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  1. Had some more work done on my TMNT piece. The unfinished turtles were the first sitting. Everything finished was 2nd. He did some touchup aswell. Next sitting will do the background elements and hopefully finish up.
  2. Started this guy today. Have some more color to do and then the background. Were going to do a city behind them with a clock tower and the time my son was born.
  3. Have a consult tomorrow my next one. Have a couple ideas and style that I would like to go with. Im thinking the comic book style illustrating here. Want to combine a few idea but we will see what the artist says tomorrow
  4. Not really a new tattoo but I got a call from the shop that did my tattoos. They are having a professional photographer come in to shoot some of the artists favorite pieces and the artist who did mine choose one of mine as one of his favorites that he wanted shot. Thought that was pretty sweet. I’m guessing it’s the clipper ship but I’m not sure.
  5. Looking to add to my forearm tattoo. Trying to come up with ideas that I could incorporate to fit. The new one would be on the front side of my arm. The watch has the time my daughter was born on it. Recently had a son so i would like to incorporate something for him in the new one. Thanks
  6. Peedib89


    Clipper ship tribute done by Ryan Sherwood at The Dead Presidents lounge in Albany NY.
  7. Peedib89


    Clipper ship tribute done by Ryan Sherwood at The Dead Presidents lounge in Albany NY.
  8. Actually he probably would’ve have yelled at me lol. When he saw my first one he told me my arm was going to fall off. Haha
  9. Ryan Sherwood at Dead Presidents Lounge in Albany NY
  10. Just finished this guy up. Memorial piece for my grandfather.
  11. Just booked my second Tattoo at Dead Presidents Lounge in Albany. Will be getting a modified Sailor Jerry as a memorial to my grandfather who recently passed away. The banners will be changed and he’s going to move the ship up and try to get the full ship in. It will be on the back side of my forearm. I attached the reference picture and a picture of the 1st piece my artist did for me.
  12. Getting my 1st tattoo done Tuesday, Sept 6th. Im getting a Black and Grey sugar skull and a pocket watch with a floral background. Booked for 4hrs but may go longer depending on how i tolerate it haha. The floral element will be Violets and Primrose.
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