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  1. ! Hey guys, I've always looked at things with an open eye. Questioned the 'rules'. Not just with tattoos. But, how much of that tattoo dos and don'ts is just old school thought? Like antibacterial soap. Do you really need it. I've never used antibacterial soap to wash a fresh tattoo. But I use gentle baby bath wash. Or get something fragrance free for sensitive skin. This time I've used Zanex zero for sensitive skin. Ironically this still has stuff that could irritate skin according to my wife. Either way, research seems to back up my theory that antibacterial hand wash etc doesn't really work much better then non antibacterial. Mine have certainly healed fine and looked great. All bar one. It I'll explain about that below! In the UK we've gone from being told Vaseline was the way to go, then Savlon, Bepanthen. I make my own stuff but to each their own. I scabbed more using Savlon but those tattoos healed fine in the end, and look good still. Anyway. I think it'd be good to hear people's tales of tattoo don'ts, that they did. What are the things you've done during the first few weeks during healing that you probably shouldn't have? How did your tattoo turn out. A few from me to kick things off: First for me apart from the above (normal soap over antibacterial stuff, Savlon although it was a 'do' at the time I used it): Sparring (martial arts) three days after getting my tattoo. It was on my left arm. The upper half, shoulder to elbow. Middle of bicep to midway round my tricep. Just the inside arm left alone basically. Took numerous kicks and punches to the area. Inside of my gi was a black inky mess. Tattoo healed but had obviously suffered ink loss. The solid black looked faded already. Shaded areas looked too light and patchy. Simple touch ups to fix but there you go. Second: Got a tattoo on idrive in Orlando. Next day I went to Wet N Wild. I shouldn't have. But I did. Tried a water proof plaster thing. Didn't stay on. Thought sod it and spent the day dunking myself in the pools/slides etc. In the sun no less. Tattoo healed fine. Solid colours etc. Still looks good all these years later which really surprises me considering the general rule is not to submerge it/go swimming etc. Otherwise I generally baby my tattoos from the get go. Once healed it's: Factor 50 sunscreen all the time, UV blocking sleeves in the car just in case I'm caught out. I moisturise them specifically once or twice a week. Wife hates it as she has to do my back lol. Maybe we'll dispel some myths, maybe not. I'm sure it'll be a fun read either way.
  2. Mine looked nothing like that. Mine had very light scab/flakes. Basically peeling already. My after thoughts are inconclusive in honesty. I like the forget about it nature of the derm products. No washing drying creaming etc. No messy clothes or sheets. It's a real help. But my skin became irritated. It's 2.5 days since I removed it and it looks like I have bad exzema. Although not as bad as it was when I first removed it. It will heal but I think 4 days was too long for me. Plus I derm'ed it the night of and then changed it in the morning. Total hours is probably equal to 5.5 days maybe. I think the hassle free nature out weighs this. Maybe I'll try less time next time. Maybe keep the same patch on. Or don't patch with derm the first night etc. Find what works. Ill post a pic later but it's basic tattoo skin pealing stuff right now. Edit: it's up
  3. Not a big fan of leaving it dry. It seems to intensify my itching. I make a simple moisturiser which ink has 2 ingredients. Helps with the itchy feeling. Do you prefer to just leave things as dry as poss then?
  4. Ok so here's what it looks like now. Plus photos of reaction to the saniderm. I have some ointment that I make myself to heal my tattoos which I'll use as it feels so tight. Does it look ok? Just for clarification. New tattoo is the paw print writing above and below and the rainbow effect. Not the two names with the evil eye heart.
  5. No concerns about pulling scabs with it? ive come across a blogger who says on his/her blogg to wait until the itching passes to avoid pulling scabs/skin that aren't ready to come off.
  6. Ok, so after much patching to stop it rolling up I am almost at four days with 'derm being on. I'll take it off tomorrow afternoon which will be a number of hours over the 4 day point. Right now, I can feel what I think is scabbing under the 'derm. Mainly in the black parts. On the writing at the top of the the tattoo the derm is not adhered but on the paw print, it is stuck down directly to it. I'm worried I'll pull off a scab when taking the 'derm off. What shall I do?? Leave it longer? Im getting white head spots in places. They aren't on or near the tattoo. But they are under the 'derm where I've overlapped/patched. Also red itchy rash type spots on my wrist. Again not near the tattoo. I always get a heat rash there in summer when I sweat so I was expecting that.
  7. Thanks. Its not held up well to a warm environment. I work in a warm building and moving around builds up a sweat. Looks like it's lost its adhesiveness and there is a route to get air in at the top now. No 'derm to patch so will have to wait until I'm home. Could use some sellotape I guess!
  8. Hey guys, there's some yellow build up here in this pic. I know you lose some ink in the healing process but this is the first time using 'derm. Does this appear normal?
  9. I found the plastic film kept it to stiff to go on properly. But maybe that's just me. Maybe the size is what's making it difficult. I did remove it this morning and reapplied a new one. I'm not bothered about the build up underneath as that seems to be what it's meant to do. I doubt it will get anywhere near leaking now. I've patched the rolling part at my wrist just in case. Planning to remove it on Monday morning. I can't wait to see how it looks. That'll be 4 full days of it being wrapped in saniderm. That sound like a good time to remove it or shall I wait until 5 days?
  10. Hey guys so I got my tattoo yesterday. Pic 1 i took off the cling film(Saran wrap) after a few hours,washed patted dry, let it air dry for about 10-15 mins and applied an ointment I make myself. A few hours later washed again, applied saniderm (it arrived in time). First thoughts. It's difficult to apply well with the plastic on so I've peeled that off before the paper. Then when peeling the paper back I don't pull it all the way off giving me something to hold without touching the adhesive part. One sheet was about big enough. Just. Next morning i woke and its very very close to leaking and it's picked up some fluff under the edge (not near fresh tattoo) from bed sheets or clothes (see pic 2). So I removed it in the shower. Washed, air dry and reapplied another sheet. This time I chopped up a couple of sheets to enable more coverage past the tattoo (pic 3). Pic 4 shows where I added some extra to hold down the edges which wasn't adhering very well. Pic 5 shows what looks like water/bubbles. Likely to be from sweat I guess? It's very hot to touch being a fresh tattoo. I'm questioning how breathable these are! Its not the best application. It's hard to get it flat due to the shape of my arm so there were parts that would fold over kind of. Thought I'd had it down by starting in the middle and smoothing it on as I went but it didn't seem to work. Pic 6 shows an air bubble. In honesty along the crease/lines you can see it's got some air in there. It's also already started to roll up at the wrist after I put a jumper sleeve on to keep it out of the sun whilst I popped out for a few minutes. Loose fitting so I'm surprised this happened. Im reluctant to keep prodding at it or try and remove the air as I'd just be playing with it. Certainly watching the video on the saniderm site, the application in that video was a lot worse than mine! But what do do you guys think? I intend to leave this on until Monday that'll be 4 full days. Sound about right? To the guy above, if it's smelling I'd take it off.
  11. I'm apprehensive as I'd be done producing plasma by then and would be worried that it would straight up stick to the tattoo. It it seems to be working for others so I guess shouldn't be a problem.
  12. I'm in the UK. Ive found pharmacies that sell only the smallest size. Some can order the different sizes but it won't be here in time for my new tattoo. I've managers to find some saniderm online. Placed an order hoping it will come quicker. Worst comes to worst I use what I have and hope for the best. If they fail I'll go back to cling filming it and washing etc
  13. It's so hard to find tegaderm in the pharmacies I wonder if the eBay seller had these for a while and they are just old?? Could that be a reason they don't stick well? I can't find anyone with the peeling problem so soon after application. Until I use a bigger patch I've no idea if it's just the small patches I've cut and used that is the problem. Anyone else with any thoughts? I may be too late to order some saniderm in time.
  14. I have my whole back covered in one piece. You could either use Saran Wrap/cling film, or a 'deem product. When doing mine mine I simply slept on my front, shirtless for the first week. This was before wrapping of any type was recommended. I am known for babying my tattoos during the healing phase though. Pain wise, it depends on your threshold for it.
  15. Apologies, first 3 pics uploaded in the incorrect order. 3rd pic uploaded should be pic 1. The first pic uploaded should be pic 2. Second pic uploaded should be pic 3.
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