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    Martial Arts, Drawing, Photography, hunting, fishing, hiking
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  1. Thank you! Nautical themed...sleeve...squid pant what ever they call it now :-p I really wish I could've gotten a good run at it before my injury. I took the test three times with out knowing I had a brain injury, by the time they realized they missed it, I was already out of attempts. Pretty much lost approx. 9 months of memories. I passed my National registry practicals with flying colors, took two weeks off to review med math and parkland formula and the first week between that and my written had a ceiling and wooden Cabinet fall and break across the back of my head, neck and back while fighting a house fire. While I wish I could've completed it all, I'm glad how it played out, I doubt I'd be at the job I have now if none of that ever happened.
  2. With the exception of my first tattoo (flash off a wall) and the inside of my left arm (My banshee), I've drawn all of my own, taken them to the artist and they've cleaned it up a bit and made it fit where ever it's getting tattooed.
  3. I'm not even sure where to start. Let alone do I even remember my last post on here. But I found the site again, and have done a lot since the last time I was in here. Pretty sure it has been almost 3 years, I'll blame two of those years on paramedic school. But any who.. Just finished this: Took me about a year to finalize the drawing before taking it to a completely new artist and shop. Once it was all cleaned up and sized correctly it was a 2 year project between a chaotic work life. But I couldn't be happier
  4. Going to start to turn my left arm into a full sleeve on the second, and some where along the line connect the two chest pieces I have, just need to finalize the drawing for it.
  5. Lets see, I think my last activity on here was 2012, since then, I've gone to paramedic school, got my associates, drasticly failed my written exams for my medic, due to an diagnosed TBI, worked my butt off through 2014 once I was cleared to go back to work (rough 8.5 months of hell), changed tattoo shops, was working 4 part time jobs, and just about a month ago got my dream job, full time, the whole 9 yards. And finished a full lower leg tattoo, and am starting to go for a full sleeve next week... O_o Its been a long two years and I've clearly missed a lot on here... gotta go blow the dust off now
  6. They do try with certain shots to avoid the ink, especially if it's fresh, it has to do with the cells that break stuff down (same cells that cause tattoos to fade) are also how inter-muscular shots are absorbed into the body.. forgive me I'm blanking on the actual terms, pretty much if you aggregate the area (sun burn, dead virus cells, ect) the "eater" cells will break down bits of the tattoo. (this causes fading/ the no longer clean smooth outline you once had on the microscopic level) I'd play it safe and ask to get it some where else, there are a few locations for IM shots :) Hope that kinda helps?
  7. I'm really excited to see what she came up with, though I'm at a bit of a delema, I have a tiger on my chest that I was considering covering up with a Blue Orchid, to make it flow more I suppose (hate the fact that my snake's tongue is in the snakes butt). However I have a mole that is in the way. I think I'll just let it go and see what can be done at a later date. *shrug* we'll see! I wanna see the flintlock when you finally decide to get it!
  8. This is just the sketch that I gave my artist, shes turning it into a full chest piece that will flow into my arms and what I already have coming off my shoulders. Starting it on the 17th!
  9. Liz Stitch Ellis


    one of the better pictures i have of my tattoo collection..
  10. Did a photoshoot the other day, and starting the new year with a chest piece! (on the 17th)
  11. The back of my arm is driving me nuts, especially because i usually lean on it in school (ok so i sleep during class... shhh) Totaly forgot my lotion today too and had to borrow it from some other teacher. So now it smells all.. flowery. smh. I still have to post pictures of it but now its a bit to flaky to show off.
  12. It's still pretty swollen, so the pictures are a little crappy, but my Banshee is finally finished!! (dislocated joints and tattoos don't go well together) I waited as long as I could for it to heal, sucker still gave me some problems at certain angles, but its done! Also did a Stencil of the chest piece we're gonna start after January :) She's gonna play with it a little to make things line up and flow together. So I'll post that picture (sorry it's instagram quality ;-p
  13. @RoryQ I like that, kinda cool. I'm going with the war club because I'm half mohawk. And the rest of the arm has that... "nature" I guess feel to it. *shrug* I like the idea of the war club in flowers kinda like a "war among peace" thing. So yeah I guess it was more because I wanted the native american element with out going with the traditional lady head with a head dress on, or a dream catcher. Never considered scroll work, if I were to go with scroll work I'm not to sure what i'd have it say.. - - - Updated - - - Absolutely, I've pretty much given that woman my entire canvas with the exception of my right leg, her apprentice has that because she loves cartoons!
  14. We've been holding off finishing my right arm because we weren't sure if I was going to be starting anything on the inside of that arm. (as well we had to finish the banshee..) But in the mean while I was told to sketch something if an idea should pop into my head. I found this war club doing some research on my heritage and used some old roses I sketched a long time ago.. This is what I came up with, but I don't know how I feel about the roses. My question is there something else you guys would suggest? I don't know how well it would flow with the rest of my arm. This is what is already completed on my arm..
  15. Finally finishing my Banshee, in two weeks. I'm hoping my elbow holds out, because once that's done we can move on and start the inside of my right arm!
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