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  1. So it's now been almost two weeks since I got my first tattoos ... and I am now starting to love them. :-) Nobody at work yet even knows I have them. But today I was at my desk and reached up and I caught a glimpse of my arm one and I thought "COOL". I love that I have these two gorgeous images (that represent my gorgeous kids) and they are my little secret. Some people will know and some people will never know. But they make me really happy! Thanks for reassuring me. :-)
  2. Hey JazzyMac, Oh I totally freaked out BEFORE. Seven years of trying to get my head around it. Didn't sleep the night before but then woke up super excited. I had booked in three times and cancelled. So yeh, I had before AND after remorse. I am slowly getting over it and while I keep getting that feeling like someone is whacking me in the stomach I am now catching myself and going "um, why exactly?".
  3. Ok, yes my tattoos are TINY compared to your amazing looking one! Thanks for the perspective there. :-) I showed my really close friends - a couple of them were a bit shocked, but you know what, they may not love my tattoos but they still love me. So yeh, it is a good way to figure out who my real friends are. Thanks. :-)
  4. Great thanks guys. One of them has just getting a bit flakey this morning.
  5. Been reading all the healing posts and I've learnt that things are different for different people! So far my arm one has felt like my normal skin and the leg one felt like very mild sunburn the next day and now nothing. It's Saturday and I got them done Wednesday. Neither of them look red or swollen or flakey and nothing like a scab yet. This is still to come, yeh? I'm doing as the lovely artist suggested and washing twice a day in the shower, and putting a thin layer of bepanthen 3-4x day. Just wondering what I could expect in the next week or so? The ink feels raised (does it
  6. Ha thanks SStu! Actually I slept ok last night. Had one moment of waking up going OMG but then I kind of got over it. 😊
  7. Yes you're totally right and I'm gradually getting used to them. I did get them for me!
  8. Thanks Dan & Gingerninja. Hoping it passes soon...
  9. Hi lovely people, I've been reading some of the posts and feeling a tiny bit better about the two tattoos I got yesterday so thought I'd join up and post. I'm 44 and I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for seven years (!) and after months of planning I finally went and did it. I got one on my upper leg to represent my daughter and one on my inner upper arm to represent my son. They are beautiful and perfect and the tattoo artist did an amazing job. BUT it's 3am where I am and I have been lying awake feeling like I've just made the dumbest mistake ever. It hit me a few hours aft
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