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  1. Hello i need some help with the design the artist has sent over if possible. I'm booked in to get my first tattoo tomorrow. It's my first one and I'm really nervous! I also get really bad anxiety so I'm a bit of a nightmare. anyway I did everything right - researched for ages and chose carefully, and I've booked in for this appointment about 6 months ago, which I think might be the issue. At the consultation I wasn't there long, and gave an idea of what I wanted, showed pictures of the stuff I liked (and gave them to them). They said they would send me pics of the design a couple weeks before the appointment, but I only got it today, and it's nothing like what I had in mind, and I feel really worried, and I really want to cancel! I know that's not fair, so I did email back and say that I wasn't sure about some parts of the design and could they change things, but I haven't heard back. My worry is I have paid a large deposit that I can't afford to lose, but I'm feeling pressured into getting something and I actually would like some time with the design, to make sure I'm happy with it, rather than just get it? Does that make sense? I know often people don't get custom tats shown to them until the day of though, so I again I understand if I'm being unfair here. So I think I'm after advice on what to do, and also if I'm not happy with the design (which is genuinely very different to what we had spoken about (not just me being difficult) and is a large back piece) how can I move forward without losing the deposit? thank you!