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  1. You have never heard of this so sit down before you read this. we have Roses, we got Jewels, we got mo fucken Danglies. I actually had so much fun with this piece and i hope to be able to do more like this. Fusion tahition teal mixed with not all prime but the other company they are a part of, ..... F*** i can't remember but the color is called kings yellow
  2. last tattoo done at the Wildwood Convention. originally had a slice of pizza in its mouth but the guy wasn't into it. Victory red, Fusion tahitian teal and cool mint. Eternal motor city green for the eyes.
  3. Shaunty


    6 wanged sword of truth 3rd eye mo fuckah. Muted red by fusion into Victory red is one of my favorite color combos.
  4. Shaunty


    2nd hit on this emperor trump. Started it at the Skindustry expo and got to revisit it with a little more black.
  5. Started 3 years ago with outline and base medium tones. Got to lay done all this color today with a curved medium taper 15 mag from Black Claw. Used Dr. numb, bactine and bandaid wash. 4 hours.
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