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  1. Grom

    Infected tattoo

    OP here, the tattoo is pretty much healed up now. only a few skin scabs here and there but no redness no puss etc. and the original colour seems to not have faded as much as I had expected it to. I am very surprised at how quickly it has started healing The tattooist has offered to give me a 50% refund.
  2. Grom

    Infected tattoo

    yes, she did and he gave me aforementioned medicaments. Is this common or rather rare?
  3. Grom

    Infected tattoo

    Hello I got my first tatoo done last Monday, looked ok first 2 days, just swelling and a little redness but on wednesday it started to hurt, could not carry anything or do anything with my arm or even bend it. here is how it looked in the morning and in the evening after aaplying anti bacterial soap the next day it got even worse, redder, yellow dew popping out so I went to ER and they wrapped it with dermazin lotion and on friday I got antibiotics and belogent lotion. yesterday it is still only gettting not much better day 7 I am still in pain and cant use my arm for anything. basic things like washing dishes etc. are painful. so anyone experienced this? got any tips on how to make healing faster? should I get my money back? thank you in advance