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  1. First colour tattoo very worried

    Not to be a dick but I'd be more concerned with the tattoo placement; looks like it's upside down on your forearm.
  2. New user from CA

    Thanks. That dragon you're getting looks sweet; looking forward to seeing it finished. I also have plans to do one in the same place
  3. Tattoo problem

    I'd go back; easier to write on and can be covered up easily if you decide to. Who are you getting autographs from?
  4. First tattoo and almost 18!

    I also come from a Catholic S.A. mother and had to hide my tattoos or would have been beheaded. I'd say go bicep area in lieu of forearm for first tattoo to test the waters. It seems you're not quite ready to pull the trigger so think it out first. Look into getting that image in American Traditional, it would look sweet.
  5. New user from CA

    Monmon is a faithful homage by Rasta @ Ink Assassins in Long Beach who did all the above. Great chill artist. I know some people frown upon "rip off/knock offs" but I don't. Thanks.
  6. New user from CA

    Hey ho, couple more photos I found.
  7. New user from CA

    Hi, First post, long time male lurker from Long Beach, California, 43 years young. Love Japanese style/themed and American Trad. -Mike