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  1. R.I.P. I'm dreading this tattoo when the day comes.
  2. Ditto on the nice work; that dagger through the skateboard is especially sick. Ex-skater so it struck a nerve.
  3. Stalker here, This is you trying to one up Dan in the other thread, know it all style; which again has been covered several times on the forum: "What Dan means to say is.. You have to let it heal before you can accurately judge a tattoo. You can't tell if there's an issue in a week. Give it a 3-4 weeks. Go back to get it fixed if you don't like it." No shit. I'm actually the farthest from a douche, just also tired of the same dumb questions being asked over and over by new posters (or 6 year posters). I understand most just want to show their tattoos (which is
  4. Bluebullets, there are multiple threads on this board about this and you didn't know it was a thing? How about doing some research before "permanently scarring" yourself? I'd expect more knowledge from a 6 year poster with a half sleeve tattoo 7 years deep or whatnot. 🙂 Yes, I'm stalking your posts since you're coming off as the resident know it all.
  5. Not against flash on the walls, just feel like shops that don't have them are kind of going against the grain making people come in with a ref or straight forward idea to discuss. Probably not good for business but who knows? The artists do have a couple of their framed paintings up, maybe they're too lazy to decorate.
  6. Thanks again, he's a good friend who I get along great with; also helps that he's fast and has a light hand. Shop he works at has zero flash on the walls which I also like. I'd love to see the tattoos you currently rock. 🙂 Here's the last of the pics I have. Mike.
  7. Thanks! Thank you too! Started as a newbie back in the 1990's with 3 but pretty much became addicted when I reached my 40's (55 deep so far); I dig sleeves but like to have the option of getting small filler pieces. Here are a few more done by the same artist. Mike.
  8. Hi all, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a happy new year. I still lurk the board from time to time and have had a bunch of work done since my last post over a year ago. Here are some more all done by the same bud; Rasta @ Ink Assassins. Mike.
  9. Not to be a dick but I'd be more concerned with the tattoo placement; looks like it's upside down on your forearm.
  10. Thanks. That dragon you're getting looks sweet; looking forward to seeing it finished. I also have plans to do one in the same place
  11. I'd go back; easier to write on and can be covered up easily if you decide to. Who are you getting autographs from?
  12. I also come from a Catholic S.A. mother and had to hide my tattoos or would have been beheaded. I'd say go bicep area in lieu of forearm for first tattoo to test the waters. It seems you're not quite ready to pull the trigger so think it out first. Look into getting that image in American Traditional, it would look sweet.
  13. Monmon is a faithful homage by Rasta @ Ink Assassins in Long Beach who did all the above. Great chill artist. I know some people frown upon "rip off/knock offs" but I don't. Thanks.
  14. Hey ho, couple more photos I found.
  15. Hi, First post, long time male lurker from Long Beach, California, 43 years young. Love Japanese style/themed and American Trad. -Mike
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