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  1. I've mostly been a lurker for a few years, so 'hi' everybody :). As far as my 'overall look' goes, I'm covered top to bottom. Sleeves on both arms, my legs are covered, stomach, ribs, feet, hands, fingers, neck, even palms. No head or face tattoos and I try to avoid getting a face tattoo. I have to admit that I have never been a big fan of back pieces for the plain reason that you can't see it, but as I'm slowly running out of real estate I strongly consider getting a back piece. Since I'm a big fan of American traditional, I'd love nothing more than to get a badass piece from Judd Ripley at Sailor's Grave :). It all started when I was 19 and I got a lettering (which is now covered) and a bunch of stars (not covered) tattooed. As the years progressed, I got about 1 tattoo per year. At the age of 26, I started my left sleeve. I made the common rookies mistake and impatient me made an appointment with a tattooer who had time the following week. I wanted to get a fullsleeve as fast as possible and so I had an appointment with him every other week. I didn't really have a solid idea for my sleeve (I just gave the tattooer the word 'music'...), so I wasn't really happy with the outcome. As I started travelling a lot and with Instagram popping up, I began researching and finding new artists and booking appointments with these artists. The idea to travel to get a tattoo from a great artist hadn't occured to me to that moment. And now , I'm here covered in tattoos from a bunch of different artists from all over the place and I couldn't be happier. About 98% of my tattoos are just designs I really like. Panther, eagle, shark, Sailor Jerry designs,...some are music-related (lyrics, potraits) and maybe 2% have a deeper meaning. I live in Germany, so people are a bit more conservative when it comes to tattoos than Americans. When it's hot outside, I never wear short pants or skirts. As an American friend, who once visited me,put it best:"The Germans have a staring problem." It really is a pain in the ass, even though I live in a big city. I travel a lot and sure, every time I'm in the US, people stare too, but it's just different. Usually Americans come up to me and say something along the lines of "I really like your tattoos". I like the sincerity. I hope I didn't get too offtopic here. Sorry for the rather long post.
  2. I got my throat tattooed a few months ago. I'm heavily tattooed, I've got two sleeves, my hands a covered and my legs, too. I have to admit that I was quite nervous before getting my throat tattooed. Let me just say this: it's unpleasant, but doable. Jim Sylvia tattooed my throat (and the sides of my neck a few months after that) and I love it that he is very light-handed and has a gentle way of tattooing, as odd as that may sound. I've had way more painful tattoo sessions e.g. on my knees (I was close to tears) and the top of my feet. Who is gonna tattoo your throat?
  3. Yup, I'm going to be there, too. I have an appointment on June 6th with Jim Sylvia at Unbreakable Tattoo. Dagger through the neck. The next day(s) I'll go to Ink-n-Iron and hopefully get tattooed there as well. I still have a samll spot to fill on my wrist and wanted to get a traditional all seeing eye-tattoo. Any artists worth contacting beforehand? I was just scrolling through the tattoo artists list and have no clue whom to check out. I'll probably just go there and pick my artist on the spot.
  4. anyone have any recommendtions for a tattoo shop in the greater L.A. area? especially traditional American-stlye. I know that there are Spotlight and True Tattoo. I just wanted to check back with you guys if you have other tattoo studios/artists in mind. I'll be in California end of May 'till early June and I'll also be attending "Ink-n-Iron"-festival. sorry if this question has been asked and answered before.
  5. I have a fox holding a dead goose in his mouth with a banner underneath saying "born to run". I love Bruce Springsteen. The story behind the tattoo is that there is an old nursery rhyme which is called "fox, you've stolen the goose". The fox has stolen a goose from a farmer and now he has to watch his back because a hunter is out to get and shoot him. I thought that "born to run" fit perfectly. I also have an owl sitting on pocket watch and underneath are the words "how soon is now?" (The Smiths). I have two The Gaslight Anthem-tattoos ("The 59 sound"-wrapped around an old microphone and a ship with a "Great Expecations"-banner) and two tattoos incorporating lyrics of two different German artist. One day I want to get a traditional Morrissey-head and a Joy Division-tattoo. Yup, I'm definitely into music.
  6. Hey bigjoe, I've never heard of Anna Enola but I really dig her style. Amazing! I'd love to get tattooed by her one day even though I guess that she has a pretty long waiting list. She has her studio in Dortmund which is around 6 hours away from my hometown but I'd drive anywhere to get a great tattoo. That's what I love about the USA. You either just walk in and get your tattoo right away by a topnotch tattooer or you just set up an appointment for a desired date. I don't know yet who will tattoo me at "True Tattoo". I really like Litte Dave Parker's style but I'm always open to recommendations. My trip to California will start on 26 May and will take 2 weeks. I wanted to show up at "True Tattoo" at the beginning and set up an appointment for the last quarter of my trip because I plan on going surfing and maybe jetskiing/doing some waterbased sports. Thanks for the tip with the Ink-n-Iron Festival. That's a great idea to maybe get a second tattoo during my trip. I will head home on 9 June. Man, I'm already planning to fly to N.Y. around christmas to "Smith Street Tattoo", I just have to convince my bf to cross the Atlantic ocean for the third time this year ;).
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Izzy and I live in Munich, Germany. I've been reading this forum for a few weeks and today I decided to join. I've been getting tattooed for approx. 10 years. It all started with the usual stars and some more stars (I've got too many of them if you ask me...). Since then I've been experimenting with different styles until I finally settled with the traditional style. Unfortunately we only have one studio in my hometown which specialises in this style thus I sometimes have to wait up to 6 months for an appointment. To satisfy my need to get tattooed I travel a lot, mostly to the States. In May I will fly to L.A. - my favourite place in the world :) - and get a tattoo at "True Tattoo". I've already been to "Ocala Tattoo" in Florida to get tattooed. Great studio. I'm gonna go there in August again and I will also check out "Royal Street Tattoo" in Mobile, AL. I have already uploaded a few photos to the gallery - all of them were done in Germany. That's my tattoo-story so far :). Cheers, Izzy
  8. XOXO

    Sailor Girl

    sorry for the bad iphone quality.
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    Owl with tophat, monocle and pocket watch. "how soon is now?" by The Smiths. The time is 6.45 pm bc the songs' length is 6 minutes and 45 sec. :).
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    it's a twist on a German saying. In Latin it's called 'in dubio pro reo' which means 'benefit of the doubt' in English.
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    Fresh Tattoo, maybe 2 days old.
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