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  1. NoLimitjoey

    Is it time to use lotion

    Been using tattoo goo since i got it 3 times a day which was saturday is it time to use lubriderm?
  2. NoLimitjoey

    Tips and help on my aftercare

    lets say i sweated after gym what should i do? moisturize it or apply aquaphor or let air dry
  3. NoLimitjoey

    Tips and help on my aftercare

    Products: -Aquaphor -Lubriderm -Dial hand soap gold antibacterial -Paper Towels -Plastic wrap? Getting my first tattoo this Saturday at 3pm on my rib cage Week one -Dont take bandage off until next day if its sterile bandage. -Wake up. Get into shower take off bandage clean with the dial soap. pat tattoo dry. apply thin layer of aquaphor. leave it uncovered. -Apply another thing layer of aquaphor -Clean and apply aquaphor before getting to bed Week 2/ when it scabs Same thing just sub lubriderm for aquaphor. Thats really it. I'm a senior in highschool and still take PE what should i do about should i apply a wrap or sterile bandage in the locker room then after apply aquaphor or just go without anything. i don't really sweat though because i slack off alot unless we are playing basketball then i might sweat. and should i sleep with a bandage too or just put a tank top on and sleep on my other side