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  1. honestly more like 3.5k + 1k bonus from me to get the appointments to match my working-schedule because i work alot and my schedule is pretty busy all year round. i dont have the time, never will, to travel abroad to ryan evans or other recommended artists of this forum, for a full sleeve, maybe a piece but not a whole sleeve, and then it would take me 5 years to get my sleeve done. and like i said i got different prices from artists in my country, all were kindof similiar, their work in real-life looks also similiar, what i found out is that on instagram everything looks waaaaay better, the only one which seemed to me pretty steep is the 3k for a black&grey chest piece but like i said it was on a sunday and without waiting on the wait list + its a celebrity tattoer, so its fair. why are you guys shocked of these prices ? does it cost 1k to get a sleeve and a chest piece in the states or does my tattoos look so shit that you consider its overpaid ?? i personally like and trust the artist i ve gone with, the only piece that didnt turn out to my liking is the tiger on the shoulder which will be reworked, almost the whole sleeve is still fresh and not yet healed, and personally i like b&g realism more than extremly detailed color realism because i dont trust that on the long term these colors and details will hold out and not get faded.
  2. thanks man. i like it so far, and am not OCD type of guy. but my older sister is a also a doctor *dermatologist* , so for me laser treatments are free if i ever want to, but i love my tattoos and love tattoos in general so would never ever think about lasering sth off, unless one of my pieces turns out to be crap. so it would be laser then coverup . and yeah there is a guy in germany wanted to charge me 3k just for chest piece, which is insane, a sleeve by him costs 20k minimum. he is talanted,his work is more detalied than my guy, but cant really see that big of difference to warrant me paying 20k instead of 5k !. i stuck to my artist and everything he has done so far looks nice in my eyes, and i like it, so that is what matters the most. i am asking about the style because few people who saw and examined my arms in an out said the lines and style are more to realistic japanese and not traditional japanese, so anyway what the he** ,,, it doesnt matter as long as i find it cool and nice. btw you guys and the forum were a very big help for me. before joining here i had absolute no idea, so i kept lurking alot of months before jumping the gun. and i am happy to be rocking a complete sleeve with a chest. and i hope i can find the urge to stop here and not continue further and tattoo my whole body. :)) its kinda addicting.
  3. man the chest around the Sternum and nipples, that hurts like hellll, worst as the elbow area. the disadvantage of the probability of less detail is fine by me, i can live with that, personally i cant tell more than 5% difference between artists who take 5k for a sleeve and others that take 20k for a sleeve ((i mean here only B&G tattoos and not realism color ones)) i like how my piece turned out, and it took only 2 hours!!, touch-ups free forever whenever *artist said probably will not need it* so i am happy. only thing bothering me with my sleeve is the Tiger on the shoulder, it was done in 4.5 hours but the results arent what i was hoping to be, after healing it has lost alot of detail and intensity of black, it got alot lighter, so i will either have it touched up by same artist or go to another one
  4. really? the artist made changes to the piece as he said he doesnt want it to be a copy of the original piece. but with realistic animal tattoos its always hard to make big enough changes so that it looks different to the original piece. for my eyes (normal guy) and for the eyes of people around me, no body could tell a difference in details or contract or such things, thats why i appreciate your honest opinions, i am not OCD, i like the piece very much as it is and glad i have done it with this fast guy, he is also a friend now and all touch ups in future *if necessary* will be free. i love every bit of the sleeve i got, only the tiger not so much, i think i will have it redone sometime in future, either by same guy or someone else. but all in all, i am happy, and most important advice i got from tattoo experts, i dont remeber if here or somewhere else, someone told me YOUR INK MUST BE GOOD bUT NOT PERFECT!!!, always remembar that and be happy. btw does my sleeve with all the lines connecting the pieces resemble realistic japanese works? or only realistic? or even traditional? to me and few guys who saw it in real life, they said its like a mix between realistic japanese and normal realistic works.
  5. so here is a pic as promised, completed in 2 hours !!!! unbelievable, but like i said, am not a tattoo-expert, but i like it alot. what do you guys think ? does it look bad and rushed for a piece done in 2 hours?
  6. thanks man, guess i will be in a world of pain on the 2nd session
  7. i am in no rush, just got mad of losing a full day appointment that i was waiting for since months, and i will not want to get tattoos in summer and sunny weather. no way. right now i am not OCDing to improve , hopefully never will, as i said, i cant really tell the difference between 20k *super* sleeves and 5k *alright* sleeves at least when it comes to B&G works, on the other hand, you guys here on the forums with more experience can see stuff that i cant see. and anyway from what i found out, pics in portofolios of artists look always massivly better than real life!. so the fastest guy didnt want to give an exact time-frame, but said 4 would be enough, he always gives me appointments of 3 or 4 hours but finishes off sooner, now for the chest he planned initially 5 hours but said he can do it in 4, depends on my pain-tolerance in the chest area, heard it hurts like hell, till now i had no problems with pain on other parts of the body. so after losing my appointment of 5 hours, he agreed to squeeze me in into 2 sessions in 2 days each 2-3 hours max. can you even tattoo say 50% of an area today and then immediatly the following day you tattoo the rest 50% ?? i thought you should take a rest of 2 weeks between sessions for the skin to heal
  8. naah he wasnt impatient, before i could offer him anything, i just said i need some work done but i work alot and dont have time on normal days, his secretery said ok he can tattoo you 7 hours on a sunday but that means double the fee because its a sunday so 3k for the chest piece. i am sticking to my artist, i know few guys who got their sleeves from him years ago, and their sleeves look solid, no fading or burnouts. the reactions i get from people are positive, they like my sleeve, i just got a bit OCD now when you told me the other 2 guys work is more detailed and much better, so i thought to myself, now i cant spot a difference and am satisfied and happy, what if after a year i will be really OCD and demand more perfection, and ready to fork out 20k to that expensive guy to give more detail to my pieces, would that be possible in the realm of tattoos? or you are stuck with what you have, you cant make a lion look more detailed or a tiger more realistic, either laser or coverup, no other options of improvments i just googled a bit myself, saw tons of pictures of before/after of for example tiger tattoos realistic, that looked ok before, but in the after rework pic they looked freakin amazing, with no cover up or laser, just the same size, same model, only more detail.
  9. you are 100% right, i did alot of research before diving in, and still trust my fast guy and like his work, but i am no expert, for example i viewed all the portofolios of the guys above, and couldnt spot a difference in work done between the 20k sleeve and the 5k sleeve, but now hearing from you guys that there are some major differences between these guys, got me thinking, what if now am extremly satisfied and happy with the results, but after a year or two i get OCD and demand more details, what if now i love beer more than champagne, but later on in life i think to myself, man i want that champagne. so the question is : if you have a tiger tattoo or lion tattoo done good realistic but you want to improve it and make it look even more realistic with more details, can that be done ? without laser and cover-ups ? i am still sticking to my fast guy, he has done all my work and i ve been satisfied
  10. the last guy wanted 3000 just for a chest piece, isnt that a bit too much ? i mean my guy and others charge around 700-800. i will be sticking with my guy, will do the chest piece this week i hope in 4-5 hours. honestly i am not a tattoo-expert, from looking at all these guys portofolios i see that all their work is good with veryyyy tiny differences, the 3k guy is the best but is it worth forking out almost 20k euro for a sleeve? the others do similiar work maybe a tiny bit 5% worse but for 4-5k you get a sleeve, i cant really spot that big differences am not an expert, and like i said my artist wants to rework the eye i have for free,said it turned out bad, but i like it , dont see whats bad about it. anyway offtopic question : lets say in the future i become OCD and an expert on tattoos and decide i need more details on the tiger or on the lion, make it look more realistic, better, can i go say to this 3k guy and let him do it ? or its impossible? the only options are laser or cover-up ?
  11. yes i mean, this fast guy did my sleeve, he did my entire inner bicep in 2:30 hours, my forearm with a realistic owl design which looks really good in like 2 hours, the only time he was slow is when he done the blue eye i got, took him 3 hours. realistic roses take him 1:30 max 2 hours. he even wants to rework the eye and tiger again, i dont see the reason why, he wants to do it for free, said it can look better. here i attach some pics of my sleeve, note that some parts are not yet healed. he said he is fast because he used to do alot of graffiti work before and they need to spray fast or the graffiti will not look good because the paint will run down. and also he said that my skin takes ink extremly good, he cant be fast with all people. i had an appointment with him 5 hours to finish my chest, but sadly i ve been working the holidays and new years eve in 24 hours shifts (i work in the medical field) so i was too tired and overslept my appointment, he has a wait list of 9 months, so thats shit, i got a whole sleeve just missing the chest piece, and want it so bad before summer, we agreed to do it in 2 sessions of 2-3 hours, the problem is that these two sessions will be 2 days one after the other, so dont know if thats possible. have spoken with 3 other artists as a back up Plan , and offered to pay double the wage just to get it done, all 3 said they need minimum 7 hours, all of them accepted, 2 of them refused that i pay double the wage, but one of them said he can do it on a sunday but i have to pay 3k for it . i mean i do well but 3 k just for a chest piece is extreme imo. i trust my guy, he has done good work, is fast, reliable, honest, but too busy, what made me ask the questions here is that i was a bit surprised that i spoken with 3 good artists all said 7 hours minimum, but he said 4-5 hours max. we can do it. anyway, i think they are all talented guys, they are all germany based, here is links to their pages :öhm-Tattooartist-447550322097385/ *my fast guy* *quoted 800 euro for the piece without accepting bonuses, min 7-8 hours* *didnt accept a bonus, but said can be done in 2 sessions of 4 hours* said in 5 hours its impossible to do such a lion. *normal price 1500 euro, but because he is too busy, he can do it on a sunday and for that i must pay double, so 3000 euro for the chest piece*
  12. well here is a photo of the piece, *inspiration photo* not copy. got different responses from different artists, all are great known artists with tons of clients and nice portofolio the fast guy, is a friend and he had done my sleeve and done work on friends, all are satisfied with results, the other slower guys have tons of photos and clients but i never got tattoed by them . the fast guy said it doesnt make a difference the time spent on a tattoo, some guys with experience can go fast especially if the skin takes the ink in good, which is my case, i am lucky i guess. so what you think ? is it something out of the ordinary to tattoo such a piece in 4 hours ? or will the result be shitty ? till now got good results from this guy and others too. i just asked around other artists because he is too busy now and not sure if he can tattoo my piece before i go in my vacation.
  13. Hello i was just curios, i am planning a Chest-Piece *realistic B&G covers half of Chest* to go with my sleeve that i already have. i asked around pretty talented and known artists and got different answers an artist said it takes no more than 4 hours to be complete, while 2-3 other artists said no, such a piece requires more than 5 hours and multiple sessions. so what does this mean to you ? the fast artist charges by piece and not time because he is always fast, the others charge per hour or atleast i think so. does this mean the faster artist is a worse option? and the results will look not as good as another artist who works slower? btw, all these artists have nice portofolio and lots and lots of clients, and their results in B&G are almost the same.
  14. going forward. the eyes of the tiger will be colored the same color as the owl. under the blue eye on my inner forearm will be trees and woods, similiar to what is under the owl. so what do you guys think so far? how is the work? good job so far? suggestions? tips on what to do next?
  15. thanks man . but its supposed to be a tiger not a lion :)). why you think its bad? i have my next tattoo-session in 2 days.still deciding on the owl