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  1. going forward. the eyes of the tiger will be colored the same color as the owl. under the blue eye on my inner forearm will be trees and woods, similiar to what is under the owl. so what do you guys think so far? how is the work? good job so far? suggestions? tips on what to do next?
  2. thanks man . but its supposed to be a tiger not a lion :)). why you think its bad? i have my next tattoo-session in 2 days.still deciding on the owl
  3. first i would like to thank you all for the replies scotty i think you had too much beers :)))) its not a lion and a rose, its a tiger face with a rose, so either you had too many beers or my tattoo is f***** up :)))
  4. so i took off the wrapping and washed it, its a bit lighter now but still its more of a brownish-reddish color, its been 6 days, will it get black/grey in a week or two ? or i shouldnt expect much improvement ? . also i feel that the eyes aren't realistic because of the color, should i make the pupils more black and the rest dark yellow/orange ? am booked for another 5 sessions in coming 2 months, with the same artist, how would you rate the work done so far? and i am really having alot of thoughts about how should i continue the forearm and the rest of sleeve, i attached an idea below, do you think it would flow with the rest?
  5. thanks man, should i be worried because it still doesn't look Black/grey as intended to be? its been 5 days and its too dark and brownish, the end result will be better? more realistic appearance? the artist is doing a good job? i am booked to complete whole sleeve in the upcoming 2 months
  6. Hi , first sorry for my english. been a long time lurker, never had the time to join in. i always loved sleeve tattoos, black and grey ones especially, so after 3 years of thinking about it, i finally started my sleeve. thing is> its my first ever tattoo, its still red/brownish even after 4 days of healing, and i dont know what should i worry about, if the work done is of good quality or how it will end up, i am not enough experienced to judge, so i thought i show you a pic and maybe you can tell me also any suggestions to how and what should i tattoo the rest of the arm ? i have so many ideas but not enough space on my arm :)). anyway here is a photo , let me know your thoughts? (btw its still wrapped)