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  1. trendkill

    Realism Artists in South Carolina

    Charleston area
  2. trendkill

    Realism Artists in South Carolina

    Hey all, just wondering if there are any good realism artists that I don't know about in South Carolina
  3. What are the differences between illustrative and photorealism?
  4. Exactly, I think I'm heading more towards getting it done in a realistic style anyway just wanted to hear another voice on it other than my own lol, thanks for the reply!
  5. Yeah that's what I was thinking too, I'm leaning towards just doing it in a more realistic style. I'm just not sure how sessions work because this would be my first tattoo that wouldn't be done in a day or atleast I don't think they would do it in a day. Thanks for the reply man, really appreciate it!
  6. And if it could would it look good or would it be better off in a more realistic style?