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  1. xxbyamomentx

    Hello! (And a question - possible blowout)

    Thanks guys! As of this morning, it does seem to be spreading out a bit further but lightening up a bit as it spreads. I'll love it either way :)
  2. xxbyamomentx

    Hello! (And a question - possible blowout)

    Oh, even if it is blowout I'll still be happy with it. I know that nothing is ever perfect and there is a ton of meaning behind the little guy. :) I'm just hoping to have one less thing to worry about, but I'm thrilled to have it done! The artist who did it has 47 years of experience and I was impressed with his profile, so he definitely seemed to know what he's doing.
  3. I'm new here, got my first tattoo yesterday so I figured this would be a good place to come for advice and inspiration :) I have always wanted a very simple doodle tattoo and I raise snails, so this has meaning to me but is in a very delicate and visible area. Between the two feelers of my snail, I've noticed some blue blur. I'm hoping it isn't blowout but it seems like it might be. Are there any tips to minimize the visibility of any ink outside the lines, or is this something that has a chance of clearing up on its own? The tattoo is just over 24 hours old.