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  1. @Stephanie looks amazing!! lower back is sooo painful, you are a champ
  2. Just had my second sitting last week in Denver. Ian tattooed me for a little over five hours. The heavy black near my love handles and the spot in the middle of my back was torture lol Wish i could have sat longer but im happy with the progress.
  3. @Dominiccjs lol ...i can relate! i had myself psyched out about the pain from reading so much on this thread. Honestly, it sucks, BUT you can do it. Drink LOTS of water and eat small snacks (fruit/nuts) on every break. The healing process is a breeze. My back has healed better than any tattoo ive gotten over the past 10 years. Also, Dan Molloy rules so hard. That Kali backpiece he did on his wife is unreal. Dont stress, its all worth it.
  4. whoa, you folks weren't lyin! The back is tough! I was disappointed that I was only able to sit through 4 1/2 hours. It was done by Ian Lutz who tattoos in Denver CO. He was in my hometown (Pittsburgh PA) guesting at a local shop, so we were able to start this project on my turf. Next sitting is in January at his shop, World Tattoo. LOTS more to go, but excited for the journey. Also...the outline on the love handles?!?! HOLY HELL! I never knew pain like that existed lol i have my inner thighs/feet/chest all done and i didnt think pain could get much worse but WO
  5. @Hands On tmrw is the my first appointment for my back! ill be sure to share a photo asap. very nervous but excited.
  6. @Acediaawesome thank you! im definitely going to tegaderm my whole back. ive had so many people tell me this past month its the way to go.
  7. @Stephanie your back rules! i love it! im going to steal some big tees from my brother this weekend! good look, thank you! @thewitchhunter i agree with having my mind in the right place, i need to stop psyching myself out. & i can definitely deal with side sleeping for a few days. i was thinking it was going to be sore for a couple weeks.
  8. @Stephanie I didnt even think about not wearing a bra until you mentioned it! hah i will have to plan my outfits accordingly. Also now that i am thinking of clothes, did you wear leggings or should i have on a loose pair of boxers/shorts? Thanks for all the info!
  9. Hi Everyone. Really happy to stumble upon this thread after reading a lot of bs testimonials and info on other sites. Over the past couple days ive read almost every post and jotted down a bunch of helpful tips. Before coming across this forum i wasnt too stressed/worried about the pain of a back tattoo being that i have the majority of my body covered. Although after reading everything it seems the back is a whole new ballgame, and regardless of pain tolerance it is crazy tough. So thanks for the honesty hah i have a few questions i haven't seen come up yet and hopefully yi
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