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  1. Haven't gotten tattooed in awhile but here's my project from last summer, something like 30 hours and my artist would like to do another session. Sorry for the shitty picture, I'm hairy as hell and it's tough to take a selfie of your own stomach hahahaaa
  2. My first tattoo was on my forearm, and holy shit did I notice the dirty looks at first.. years later I forgot. In the mean time I've gotten; 2 full sleeves, full chest, full stomach, 3/4 of my back done, 1 leg done, both hands, and one on my neck, still not too many dirty looks. About a year and a half ago I decided to get my head done, and holy F*** the looks I get now hahahaa.
  3. First thought; Hands do not heal well, especially the sides of fingers. Even a tiny little cross like that, will probably need to be touched up atleast once. As a tattooist I always warn people of getting those areas tattooed because well simply put.. they heal like shit. Second thought; The sides of your fingers hurt pretty damn bad, and I would not recommend getting your first tattoo on your finger. Put it somewhere else, somewhere that you can hide when you want and show it off when you want. That was your brother, get something that every time you see the tattoo it instantly reminds you of him.. Just my opinion, best of luck. You came to the right place to ask questions.
  4. My professional opinion, give it a month. If nothing changes go talk to your artist, and possibly see a doctor. I have a not so funny, funny story that relates to this topic. I got a virgin mary piece tattooed on my inner forearm maybe 8 years ago. It healed up great in roughly a week. After 2 or 3 weeks, I had a weird bump develope and it kept getting bigger.. So my dumbass decided to pop it. After I got everything out of the puss pocket, I looked through the bloody pussy nasty mess and found a very small chunk of blue paper towel. My best guess, when I was getting the tattoo he cleaned his needle off with paper towel and a bit got stuck between the needles and then in my arm. As you stated in your post, it wasn't red or infected.. just a weird lump.
  5. Worst pain was around the nipples, and between the major bones on the head. Knees, elbows, sternum, and between the knuckles by all means hurt but wasn't anything in comparison to between the bones on the head. That shit hurt.. oh and the belly button wasn't a very fun day either haha
  6. As a tattooist; if I feel like I did a good job and my client tips me, it's an awesome feeling and I gladly accept the tip. If I did a tattoo that I felt I could have done better on I refuse the tip.. Why should I be paid extra when I didn't knock it out of the park? As a collector; I always tip.. wether its after each session or after its all said and done. Typically, as I'm getting tattooed I talk to my artist and find out what s/he is passionate about other than tattooing.. Wether it's firearms, music, cars etc. I don't tip until my multiple session piece is done then I drop a rad gift on them. In my opinion, I would rather hand my tattoo artist a new guitar, a new rifle, or a new set of tires.. rather than handing then $50 tip every time.
  7. From what I can see, you have a very nice piece of artwork. If it was on my body I would be happy with it. If you feel that it doesn't "pop" enough, add color.. You've got a beautiful tattoo that your artist poured his heart into. Remember, imperfection is beauty!!
  8. Thank you both, without my mentors I wouldn't be the tattooist I am today.
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy Anderson. I live and tattoo in Duluth, Minnesota. After watching all of the last sparrow tattoo artist interviews on YouTube I decided it might be a good idea to join the forum. And connect with other artists. Hope you all are having a busy day. God bless.