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  1. crawlingmyskin77

    Lady Parts! (Arms, just lady arms...)

    Hey there :) Well, I think that you can get an arm tattoo and remain feminine. There's a good studio where I live (Bangkok) which is All Day Tattoo and they share their artwork online, so I guess I will share it with you here so you can get a good reference on how those arm tattoos can look amazing and feminine :) I think that what determines everything is the quality of the tattoo art and the style you choose. If you want to keep it pretty feminine, then you can go for something more minimalist, and yeah they are the trend nowadays. You can also opt for tiny tattoos if you want, and of course you should talk with your tattoo artist and allow he/she to help you find the perfect design.
  2. crawlingmyskin77

    Hello, a new ink freak

    Heyoo, am glad to be here. I'm an ink freak as well, so I hope to get inspiration from here, share what I know and that's it :)