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  1. Jess ink

    jess ink campos

    Hay jess here tattooing artist of 15 years Im here to get feed back from you i want to grow and evolve my skill and experience woth all of you lets help each other out
  2. I had a guy a while back 

    he had a full back concept design about a big tree with eagles panthers owls cheetas and other kinds of animals up and around it . Big full back design . 

    The problem was he could never sit more tgan 20 minutes on the chair .before jumping up and cursing F*** this . Jess  , 

    7 sessions in the tree is not yet done not completed he went and got a 12 % lidocain numbing cream from china . 12%. Exiding the 5 % fda aproved limits . Lol 😱


    any thing he tried to escape the pain . I felt bad for him , lol 

    his sister came with him once just to F*** with him , calld him a pussy while on the chair. 

    She was getting some kind of pleasure to see him grunge in agony  yet he never sat still thoug a 20 minute period. 😭 i thought he was a big pussy as well , but then i thought , this kotherfucker has balls , he came back for 7 more sessions . A big pussy would have never came back . 

    What do you guys thin😝😂 

    Follow my blog for more stories and info i have my you tube channel the ink hustle by jess campos