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  1. Money i dare not to use on me until after the holidays, and you Should've said garbage tattoo lol but we'll see in a couple more weeks.. I'll keep you guys updated
  2. No gin your absolutely right I shoulda been patient.. but with me working in restaurant and barely having free time I took the easy option.. I dont think it's infected as mentioned in my post.. the yellow scabbing just threw me off a lot and was just curious to opinions.. good thing it hides right above my elbow under my short sleeve shirts.. we'll just have to see after healing process
  3. Ran into a friend who does garage tatts set up a date and got tatted 5 days ago... pls help me is this a blow out?? It Doesn't feel infected but could it be?? Where did the ink go? It's MY SONS NAME 😥😥 I have other tattoos, but genuinely feel uncomfortable with this 1..
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