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    Im getting kinda old Former sailor and scourge of the 7 seas I'm a HUGE Hip Hop head Muscle Cars and Big Bodies are my thing thing Oh yeah...and I draw on people for a living
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    7 Cities VA
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    Women,Art, Whips, and Gear...everything a growing boy needs
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    Professional Skin Doodler at UBX Tattoo

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  1. Ghostface Killa and Bad Bad Not Good - Sour Soul Ghostface Killa - 12 Reasons to Die pt.2 Skyzoo - Music For My Friends Freddie Gibbs - Shadow of a Doubt Pusha T - Darkest Before Dawn Tuxedo - Tuxedo The Internet - Ego Death Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly Scarface - Deeply Rooted Big KRIT - It's Better This Way Stalley - The Smiling Introvert Oddisee - The Good Fight J.Cole - Forrest Hill Drive Hip Hop KILLED it this year again!!
  2. A name that a Senior Chief called me back when I was a youngster in the Navy...due to my uncanny mutant like ability to evaporate into thin air when working parties we're in progress! Lol
  3. City of Ink by Miya Bailey and Melvin Todd in Atlanta Georgia Tri-Cities Tattoo by David Morris in Atlanta Georgia Deadly Tattoos - James Tex Yellowblaze by Shige -Japan Illustrated Ink by Gino (Lordgyn) Belizaire in Miami Scared NYC by David Tevenal in New York Skid Row Tattoo by Mister Cartoon in LA Nittis Tattoo Shop by Flaks Nitti in San Diego Gold Rush Tattoo by Tim Hendricks in Costa Mesa, California Yep...that would cover it!
  4. @daveborjes I'm still not understanding what is wrong with his tattooing? You saying he bit his style or something? A few people are really into not liking this guy but I've never heard a real reason.
  5. He's good ...what's to really argue about? (In regarding Myke Chambers) never understood folks beef with that cat I think that Traditional Tattoos are the shit....didn't at first but I came to really love 'em...I like Neo Traditional more but it is what it is. Japanese is always some good shit too! My biggest issue I have is getting either traditional or neo traditional on black folks!! Bold will hold, big visible and recognizable imagery, less detail, skin breaks make kick ass solid tattooing on black people. Slowly I will get them to come around, I swear it
  6. This is some good info to know, I haven't tattooed anyone yet with fibro but it's good to know that people are still having cool results. Me personally, I have friggin Lichen Planus so I can't even get tattooed anymore!! It sucks for real....I need to my fat ass in shape again and hopefully my body will get back into wack...crazy how I didn't have these issues while I was cooling out and in some type of shape Best of luck to you though bruh!
  7. We call them "mentors" If it can be fixed get it fixed, and you have faith in the artist that did it to fix it then give him another shot, If you went to an apprentice (which is what it sounds like you did) then holla at his mentor and him and get it square yo.
  8. Check out work from Miya Bailey and Gino Belizaire as well as the Instagram Page "Darkskinbodyart" bruh. You're across the pond so Im not familiar with any artists over there in the UK who do that type of work
  9. Hey guys, im looking to buy any of Eckel's sketchbooks! If you have any you're willing to sell hit me up please!
  10. I fucks with The Black Keys HEAVY!!!! I can't believe I forgot to mention them on my list!! I never was big fan of Jurassic 5 in the first place, but it was cool to hear they got back together.
  11. I haven't heard the Souls of Mischief Album and I've seen ya'll are all over the RTJ2 album any of you heard Ras Kass and Apollo Browns new album Blasphemy or Royce da 5' 9" and DJ Premiere 's album "Pryhme"?!? Both of those go in!! Im also loving Stalley's album "Ohio"...not as good as "Honest Cowboy" but it's definitely a nice listen
  12. No particular order Big KRIT - Cadillacitica Royce Da 5' 9" & DJ Premiere - Pryhme Killer Mike & El-P - Run The Jewels 2 Freddie Gibbs - Pinata Ras Kass & Apollo Brown - Blasphemy Stalley - Ohio Ghostface Killa - 36 Seasons Twista - Dark Horse Curren$y - Drive Thru Theatre Common - Nobodies Smiling
  13. My first "good" tattoo was in Tarragona, Spain at a tattoo shop out by like ...damn it wasn't the beach, but it was a beach not too far from there....I think I still have the card from the shop...It was my last deployment in the Navy and was actually a good port visit too! Damn....that was back in 2008/2009...im getting old yo! I drew it up and brought it in, it was also the first time I seen how some art needs to be redrawn to made "tattooable", the first thing he asked was 1. Did YOU draw this and the 2nd thing was Can he re-draw it, because it wouldn't make for a good design on my darker skin...I didn't care his work was good lol, so I said "Hey man do your thing! It's just and idea of what I want!!" ...it was a good lesson...especially with me being black, I didn't understand how uncluttering little detail and just repositioning things makes for a more readable and better looking tattoo...This was actually now that I think about it, an INVALUABLE little tid bit of info that I still use today! He also swapped me a flash/poster for my drawing...a British kid (well he wasn't a kid but he was no more than 20) wanted my drawing ...or a version of it...pretty good port yo
  14. Tattooing got me back into drawing all the time like I used to in High School. It's also got me into more types of history and styles of art, history and symbols and the strength and meaning in images mean REALLY peaked my interest. Basically tattooing made me fall back in love with art and creating. I have a real deep appreciation for that good shit now...well I always did but it's deeper now
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