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    Started hand poking at the age of 10. Homemade rotary machine at 16. First coil machine at 20. Apprenticeship at 27. Been in a shop for 10 years now. My entire life has revolved around tattooing.
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  1. Yes, looks normal. Just healing. I tell my inexperienced clients to pretend that the tattoo doesn’t exist for a month. After a month of healing, you will know what the tattoo looks like. In between now and then, it will be scabby, flaky, shiny, milky, blurry.... that’s just the healing process.
  2. I am a tattoo artist of 17 years, I have seen this happen through the years... including on my ex wife. My theory is that people tend to see this reaction, years later, if they have a slight allergy, and their immune system has recently been at war with a virus (or in your case super charged by supplements). Its annoying, but nothing to worry about. I find that a good Cortizone cream helps, especially Cortizone for Psoriasis. If it gets worse or itchy, take some Benadryl.
  3. Yeah I've been reading about this BS. Someone loosely pointed the finger at Eternal, stating that they had just helped put a Texas Ink company out of business.... Anyone have more good info on this?
  4. Kayden DiGiovanni
  5. Kayden DiGiovanni
  6. So now new words are being added, "definitely fixable." Wasn't in the mix before. If it's fixable then yeah just fix it. Or better yet just don't mess it up in the first place. Without pictures of the tattoo that we are talking about, we are just spitballing generalities. I would never ever say that I woulnt fix something if for some reason it was messed up, and fixable. My point was, again because we have no pictures to look at, that in general, my artists had less talent and different artistic visions than I had hoped. And sometimes that's just the case. I would imagine if its the case of not having a line connect, then the artist would just fix it, and there would be no need for discussion, if it was "definitely fixable".
  7. I'm a tattoo artist. I have a ton of tattoos. I don't think that I have a single tattoo on my body that turned out the way that I hoped it would. I have even lasered off an entire sleeve that was a cover up of another sleeve that I did as a young kid.... And the my new sleeve after my laser, kinda sucks, it's not really what I was going for. Close, but certainly not great. Point being, you just deal with it. It's part of the game. I have never stood up from a tattoo chair and thought that the artist did a bad ass job. Probably because I have just gotten tattooed by people that I work with rather than seeking out the bad asses that would certainly do a great tattoo. I'm not complaining, I don't sit around regretting them.... I'm just saying it happens. And there's not much to be done about it.
  8. For this, I used photoshop. Just drag the pictures onto the same surface, make a layer underneath the color that you want, and then take a big soft edge eraser and erase around the edges. https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/dallastattoo/14060472751/ - - - Updated - - - And this is done with Picstitch on the phone. Super easy. https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/dallastattoo/15266526882/
  9. Dotwork Color Mandala Flower 3d Geometric Flower of Life
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