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  1. Fumela

    Hello from CR

    Hello community! I have been following this forum and I can see that there are some good artists right here. I need a recommendation: I have been working my sleeve this last 2 years or so. ´` My first tattoo was a really sick chess piece on my shoulder: https://ibb.co/ni0yLG So far so good... I think this is the part I screwed up. I'm a forex trader and I wanted something relating to trading so I got the wall street bull with a graph behind (my idea was that the graph got connected with the chess board, but the artist didn't got the idea I believe). Even that I like the piece individual by itself, it does not match with the chess board. This is the picture of the tattoo: https://ibb.co/ht3k0G My last piece that I absolutely love, I worked on it in my forearm: https://ibb.co/jYJUSw Maybe you can get the idea by now. I have been working on an animal sleeve in a full environment. I need one more piece to go on the other side of my forearm and I will have all my arm full, maybe i will just need a background. Now this is my inquiry: I kinda think I screwed it up. Im feeling kinda depressed. My tattoo's don't synchronize with each other. All together looks kinda weird. What can I do to save my arm and have a sick full arm sleeve tattooed?? please help me! Should I get laser on the graph that is behind the bull? Should I cut my arm? Or maybe I should try connecting all this pieces with a good background? If so what's your recommendation? Thank you!
  2. Fumela

    Hello from CR

    Hello there community! Im from costa Rica, hope i can be helpful to the community! Cheers everybody :)