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  1. Hey, guys! Thanks for the tips. I actually bought aloe vera and have been using just that yesterday. Applied it in the evening and in the morning and I think it made a big difference. It's still dry but not cracking so much anymore. I also got some non-sticking gauze to use at work so hopefully in a few days the tightness and cracking will resolve itself.
  2. Hey, guys! The last tattoo I got is a bit of a roller coaster. I got a sort of allergic reaction to Dermalize glue and the tattoo got incredibly inflamed, hurting a lot and bad looking the next day (you can see pictures attached of day of & day after), plus all the area where the Dermalize touched my skin directly (no plasma underneath) is still red and sensitive even 4 days after removing it. I made a big mistake using the Dermalize, when I saw how much plasma was accumulating, I didn't change it in the evening, so the seal broke during the night letting bacteria in. I don't know yet if it was the Dermalize allergy or if I got an infection, but the pain for the first 3 days was quite tough. However, I went to the doctor and they prescribed antibiotic cream which helped with the perhaps-infection or whatever it was, but now the tattoo is incredibly dry and cracking. The first few days I could not tolerate putting anything on top of it. I tried with SorryMom Tattoo balm and pure Shea butter but the skin was getting incredibly sore and red when I tried, so I had to leave it just with the antibiotic cream for the first 4 days and starting 5th day I could apply Shea Butter. Now it's day 6 and the whole area is a tight, cracked mess (some cracks looks so deep) and starts bleeding all the time. I am trying to keep a sterile dressing on it while at work but that gets stuck to the cracks that occasionally leak plasma and even removing it under warm water make it starts bleeding. Any advice in how to help with the cracking scabs problem? By this point I know I will need to get the tattoo done again. I can see the antibiotic cream took a lot of the color away so I just want to help it heal and not leave any scars. The whole area feels so tight and still so so sore. It might be relevant that it was a coverup so the artist had to be quite heavy handed in some areas to try and cover the old tattoo and I had never used Dermalize or any other of this stick-on films before.
  3. So this summer I am planning to do a cover up on an older tattoo and I don't seem to find any thoughts on how much should you wait after you've gone on a vacation and tanned to get a tattoo. I wonder if this affects the tattoo at all. I'm not a big lover of tanning so will protect my skin so I won't get a sunburn, but the tattoo will be on my forearm, so skin that gets quite exposed. What do you guys think?
  4. Anyone tried the Sorry Mom product range? I got an irritation on my most recent tattoo and have been using Bepanthen and Cicaplast. Have ordered the Healing Cream, Maintenance Lotion and Soap from this brand as it is the only one I could find in shops in my country that is specialized for tattoo care.
  5. Oh, no! Thanks for letting me know. I did feel it behaves differently than I remembered. Cicaplast is something to help epidermal repair from La Roche Posay but not so sure if this didn't dry up my tattoo as well. I have the one without SPF protection http://www.laroche-posay.com/products-treatments/Cicaplast/CICAPLAST-BAUME-B5-p5636.aspx .Too late for Hustle Butter for me...would take too long until it arrives. It is a wonder though how two different areas of my skin reacted totally different to the same treatment. Back is all nicely dried with minimal scabbing (did not have any coloring on my back, just lines) and my arm is still reddish with these thick scabs on top of the yellow ink. Either way, they are both healing. I will drop the Bepanthen and check for an alternative.
  6. Got my first back tattoo and my anxious nature that needs to check what's going on every 2 minutes is having a tough time :)) So far I have two arm tattoos, so those are pretty accessible. Needless to say, I have been twisting in all manner of uncomfortable positions trying to take photos of it so I can have a close look at it :)) Have not gotten to the itchy part yet with my two new ones, but maaan! It's a bit tough to heal tattoos in winter. I apply cream and I feel it's just getting absorbed by the clothes :)) How do you guys manage with tattoos in covered areas? This is driving me nuts!
  7. Hey, guys! So recently got two tattoos from the same person but one of them is having a bit of a tough time healing. I know it's super early, it's just the fourth day, but the skin around it is still quite red and warm. The whole area of the yellow hair is a big raised bumpy scab and the little star is not having a better time either. By this time I was expecting it to calm down. As you can see the moon looks fine and also the back tattoo she's given me is healing nicely. So I am worried maybe there is some intolerance of this yellow ink for me. Should I start applying antibiotic cream? So far I have been washing it with antibacterial soap and putting on Cicaplast and Bepanthen Ointment every 3-4 hours on rotation. I also asked the artist and they said antibiotic cream is a bad idea as it can cause the immune system to react to the ink and to give it more time, it will just heal slower :))
  8. Love the rework! Did they also manage to redo the dark area around Joel's eye, or is that the next session?
  9. Thank you! It comes and goes in waves. I know it often happens to feel an initial rejection towards a tattoo, so I am just giving it a couple of months. Luckily it is winter time so it will have plenty of time to heal before wearing clothes to show it off. However, do you guys have any tips for healing a tattoo in winter time? I keep them covered with clothes during the day and try to reapply Cicaplast every 3 hours or so, but I noticed they feel drier and scabbier (the hair of the little prince is already a hard dry scab) than the tattoos I got in spring/autumn. I am wearing a loose cotton undershirt under a sweater and hoping for the best :)) In the evening, I do let them 'out' for some time.
  10. New here ;) I have three tattoos. Just a few days ago added the Little Prince above the planet (that I got done 1 yr ago). This is a tattoo I really love! Then I have a 2.5 y/o Patronus cat that I have had quite a hard time to learn loving. That was my first tattoo and I did not know what to expect and how to properly communicate with the artist. The writing was wrong and also the cat outline was quit badly done. I had it touched up by someone else but yeah...it is what it is. And finally, I have a back tattoo that I got done 3 days ago and I am having troubles accepting as it is not what I envisioned it. I find it is waay too dark and too busy on the top of the heart. There is virtually on negative space to give it a more 3D feel. This is very disappointing as I truly did my research, carefully selected the design with the artist (who is the same one that did the Little Prince tattoo). Basically this is the reason why I joined, to help calm my anxiety about it as with the cat I knew the same day there are big things that are wrong with it and I never really learned to love it. So today I am feeling quite low and just riding the feeling out. I know once the black black in falls off, I won't find it as dark, but I am worried that the overlapping elements will always make it look blurry and undefined.