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  1. New guy in the block

    Thanks for the links. I think I'll stay local for my first tattoo (I don't have a HUGE budget for this, so I'd rather spend most of it on the tattoo than on travelling), I have reasearched and found a few good studios and artists whose tattoos I liked. Regarding the tattoo artists you told me about, they are very hard to come across in India and even when they do visit, it isn't well known where or when they come. Hence, my decision to get a well reputed local artist to do it. :)
  2. New guy in the block

    Hey, I'm based in Mumbai, India, and I was looking to get a black and grey style tattoo.. Also, how do I post on/for a particular topic in the forums? It only allows me to select 'Initiation'.
  3. New guy in the block

    Hey guys, I'm 16 and I'm planning to get my first tattoo in a few months. I hope this site turns out helpful...Wish me luck :)