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  1. RespTattooPhilly

    Ink Inc. (Miami Ink Parody)

    These were super funny, I'd love to see new ones!
  2. RespTattooPhilly

    Keeping the excitement on very long tattoo

    I thought 60 hours on my torso as a lot but geez.
  3. RespTattooPhilly

    Hey guys

    Hey dude, welcome!
  4. RespTattooPhilly

    Hi Everyone

    If you're ever in the Philadelphia area for a tattoo you should hit up my boy Dave Resp.
  5. RespTattooPhilly

    No Lies Just Bullshit

    Thanks for recommendation, I'll definitely check this out!
  6. RespTattooPhilly

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you!
  7. RespTattooPhilly

    Hi Everyone

    What's up everybody? I'm an assistant to a a tattooer, and new to the site. I'm here to promote my artist, look at KILLER tattoos, and maybe learn some new stuff too! I Anyone else doing some PA work also?